If you want to pay down the line, you can wait for the intermediary

A woman decides that she wants to carry out an “act of bondage” with money, but it can be repaired immediately.

Found on a McDonald’s car service when Vinisha, known as @vivalavinisha on TikTok, is grateful to pay the client’s request that she stays behind.

When a costly entry was made, the Daily Star reported.

The video, which has seen more than 90,000 views on the social media platform, provoked various reactions from users.

In the clip there is Vinisha saying to the boxer: “I like to pay for the person behind me, if possible”. You can watch the video here.

The worker responds decisively that the person behind it has paid food for the value of $ 31.45 dollars.

The voice of Vinisha flaquea, which is clearly disconcerted by the precedent of the order, which in reality is not so.

Once upon a time, he said to the chamber: “Asi pagué by the person behind me. I do not hope to make more than $ 30 dollars, but this is my act of bondage to the day. The animo todos a que lo hagan ”.

Since it was published, Vinisha’s video has been the subject of comments from users who will find its hilarious reaction.

Others would suggest that they pay to pay the commission of a person without hogar the next time.