If you travel by road in 2021, you will need a passport

(CNN) – Now that the vacancies against coronavirus are starting to be implemented in EE.UU. and in the extraterrestrial, many people can be at ease with the day when they can travel, buy and go to the new house. In order to carry out these activities, it is possible that you may need some additional items from the window: a passport from the window.

Various companies and groups of technology have started to develop applications or systems for intelligent telephones in order for the people to carry out detailed tests and vacancies against the covid-19, creating digital credentials that can be displayed in several offices.

The Common Trust Network, an initiative of the end-of-life organization The Commons Project and the World Economic Forum in Ginebra, is associated with various airlines, including Cathay Pacific, JetBlue, Lufthansa, Swiss Airlines, United Airlines and Virgin Atlantic, Asia as with health systems in the United States and the governorate of Aruba.

The CommonPass application created by the group allows users to load medical data as the result of a covid-19 test, possibly, a test test by a hospital or medical professional, generating a QR oasis sales certificate that can show the authorities without revealing confidential information. To travel, the application enumerates the requirements of the health step in the health points and llegada segun su itinerario.

“You can have a test every time you cross a front. No comment on the fact that it is a frontera, a comment on CNN Business Thomas Crampton, director of marketing and communications of The Commons Project. Hizo hincapié en la necesidad de un conjunto de credenciales simple y fasillmente oordraagbaar, o una «tarjeta amarilla digital», in referencing the document in paper that generally emits as proof of evacuation.

The great technology companies are also in the mix. IBM developed its proprietary application, called the Digital Health Pass, which allows companies and locations to customize indicators needed for inclusion, including coronavirus tests, temperature checks and evacuation records. The credentials corresponding to these indicators are listed in a mobile ticket.

IBM’s Digital Health Pass application has created a holiday value and a short time with general fairness.

In an effort to tackle a challenge in turn to return to normalcy despite the fact that vacancies are being distributed extensively, developers are now able to find other ways that some of these privacy issues can represent the varying efficiencies of different vacancies. But the most challenging challenge can simply be to avoid the unintended implementation and the mixed mix of prior technology intentions to address the public health crisis: contact screen applications.

The challenges of an application like this

In the wake of the pandemic, Apple and Google are launching their rivalry with intelligent telephones to seamlessly unlock a Bluetooth-based system that notifies users if they already have covid-19 assets. Many countries and state governments of all the world also develop and use their own applications.

“I believe that the notice of exhibition will be published and some challenges will be more in the fragmented implementation options, the lack of federal litigation … where there is only ten to do so and, for that matter, there are ten that resolve form Independent, said Jenny Wanger, who leads the Linux Public Health Foundation Notification Initiatives, a technology-driven organization that helps public health authorities everywhere to combat covid-19.

To promote greater coordination this year, The Linux Foundation is associated with the Covid-19 Credentials Initiative, a team of more than 300 people representing dozens of continental organizations and also working with IBM and CommonPass to help a set of universal standards for vacancy credentials.

“If we succeed, we must be able to say: I have a certificate of vacancy on my phone that I received when I was vaccinated in a country, with a complete set of his health management practices. completely different and lies presented in this new country a credential of vacancy for power and this concierge that succeeds in an interior space with a limited assistance to those who demonstrated that he held the vacancy “, said Brian Behlendorf, executive director of the Foundation Linux.

“It must be interoperable from the same way that electronic mail is interoperable, from the same way that the web is interoperable,” he explained. “At the moment, we are in a situation where there are some moving parties that we are doing so, but we believe that we have a sincere compromise on everything in the sector.”

Part of guaranteeing a uso amplio of the passports of vacancies is tener in account of the large subspecies of the world population that todavía no usa has no access to intelligent telephones. Some companies within the Covid-19 Credentials Initiative have also developed an intelligent card that encapsulates a medium term between traditional paper certificates and a line version that is easier to reproduce and reproduce.

“In order for us to be able to communicate our digital credentials, we can present them, only to receive intelligent telephones, as well as other forms for those people who do not have stable Internet access and who do not have intelligent telephones.” , co-director of the Covid-19 Credentials Initiative. “We are investigating and have said that a job is actually being done”.

CommonPass is associated with various airlines to start implementing its health credentials application in selected international flights.

Privacy: a determining factor

Once a passenger passport is constructed, the companies must ensure that the persons are comfortable to wear. This means raising concerns about the private medical information system.

CommonPass, IBM and Linux, made the privacy of an element of the central part of the sus iniciativas. IBM states that it allows users to monitor and consent to the use of their health data and allows them to choose the level of detail that is appropriate to the authorities.

“Confidence and transparency are paramount in developing a platform such as a digital health passport or any solution that provides sensitive personal information,” the company said in a blog post. “Putting privacy in the first place is an important priority for administering and analyzing data in response to these times.”

With the vehicles manufactured by multiple companies in various stages in different stages of development, there are many variables that the manufacturers of passports must have.

¿Haberse vacunado implica no transmission virus?

“A point of entry, there is a frontier, if there is a place to stay, I will receive the Pfizer vaccine, I will receive the Russian vaccine, I will receive the Chinese vaccine, so that I can take a decision accordingly,” Crampton commented. The variation can be amplified: the vacancy developed by the Chinese pharmaceutical giant Sinopharm, for example, has an efficiency of 86% against covid-19, while the vacancies manufactured by Pfizer and Moderna have an efficiency of 95%. .

It is also clear that they are effective in detecting the transmission of the virus, say the Dra. Julie Parsonnet, Specialist in Infectious Diseases at Stanford University. However, if there is an application for a passport passport that will show the receipt of the vacancy, it is possible that there is no guarantee that assisting in an event will result in a safe flight.

“Everybody knows if the evacuees can send the infection to us,” CNN Business reported. “As soon as it is clear, we do not know if the ‘passports’ will be effective.”

In this regard, Behlendorf anticipates that the launch and adoption of vacancies will be successful with a rapid rise in all areas and it will be hoped that a variety of applications can operate between being “amplifiably available” in the first 2021.

“Tenga la seguridad, los nerds stán en eso”, dijo.