“If you can not work and work … do not be here”

The defensive team dropped their frustration with the defeat against the Bengals

HOUSTON – The defensive ala JJ Watt Express your frustration with the game of los Houston Texans in the middle of this temporary losing streak on various occasions, due to his frustration, he disembarked after the derrota 37-31 against the Cincinnati Bengals.

When it comes to recognizing that the defensive team has “horrendously” played the home game, and that this year is the most difficult of its 10 seasons in the NFL, Watt will be asked to reassemble the team at Semana 17.

In response, Watt questioned what the Texans had to say about the campaign, saying that it was bad for the aficionados and the people “who preoccupied themselves” with this team, apparently responding to the lack of professionalism of the Texans.

‘We are professional athletes in the pagan real money. If you can not enter and work, go to the training camp and work hard, do your gym and do what you have to do, there will be no need for it. This is a job. Nos heidense mucho dinero ”, says the veteran player.

“There are many people who miran and inviterten his time and money to buy our tights and buy a mountain of mine…, and import them. See you every week. We are in Semana 16 and we are 4-11, and there are fans who come to this party, who are present at the stadium and dedicate time, energy, effort and are preoccupied with it. If you can go and work, read on time … there will be no one here. Because this is a privilege. It’s the biggest job of the world ”.

“There are all sorts of people who talk to each other, who act and say: ‘hey, I’m going to support …’. They do not have any reason to do so. Apestamos. These people do not pay. Nos heidense bien. And so it’s because it’s because I’m feeling worse, our aficionados and the people who care deeply and the people they love and who really want to be grandiose. Y nee lo es. And it’s a pest because the estates give it to them, ”he said.

The Texans have a mark of 4-11 and he lost four to a thousand on the second occasion this season. Houston fired coach and general manager Bill O’Brien after his derby in Week 4, and Romeo Crennel fired coach in midfield for the rest of the year.

It’s the team’s top scorer in 16 games since 2017, when the team marshal Deshaun Watson the cruciate ligament was repaired earlier in November.

The Texans’ defense allowed 540 yards net against the Bengals, with the marsh of the camp Brandon Allen completing 29 of 37 passes for 371 yards and two touchdowns. The Texans apenas y han forzado ocho pérdidas de balón, la cantidad más baja en la campña.