If the “disgruntled” Luis Miguel behaves like Armando Manzanero dies

Luis Miguel’s death at Manzanero’s photo (Photo: Manzanero-Instagram in Luis Miguel-Instagram)

He passed away during the death of the Mexican mayor Armando Manzanero and today he has been questioned by Luis Miguel about the family’s condolences.

It is a very significant action for those who see an important base in the realization of the ball discs of Luis Miguel. Tan fundamentale fue Manzanero’s support for “Cuando calienta el sol”, that the songs that were written were critical for the artistic consolidation of the Sol de México.

Seeing the work as hiccuping juntos, algo ocurrió and the closed relationship ended to dilute, including, at some point the master composer signaled to Luis Miguel as a “disgraced”.

But with the agridulce of the passage, and with the failure of the creator of “Somos novios”, ¿el Sol de Mexico ya le dio las condolences to the family?

“Didn’t Luis Miguel say that a good friend was born?”, Answer about the case, María Elena Manzanero, daughter of the bankrupt singer. “If anyone can tell why they commented on the committee time. Called Alejandro Sanz, called Julio Iglesias, he was called Diego [Manzanero, mi hermano] is what is most about the media ”.

It is well known that in interpreting “The Unconditional” he would like to send large floral arrangements as a master of respect to those who have failed, but he does not have the case with Master Armando Manzanero. It is also possible to decide that by family decision, there will be no funeral service; for that matter, not a single place to send flowers or assist with honor.

What is the distance between Luis Miguel and Manzanero?

Tampoco Luis Miguel has social speeches to pronounce in this space. No matter, it is rumored that his husband, Alejandro Basteri, is pronounced in social speeches with an image, in white and black, of the composer of “Contigo aprendí” with a red heart and the phrase: “The exit is easy to obtain . It is difficult to be merciful ”. The curious thing is that the post does not find any of its accounts.

In an interview with the Suelta Sopa program, in 2018, the production of the Manzanero Master’s question about this solemnity of the Mexico Sun. This is an allusion to one of the statements made in 2017, but the author of “No Sé tú”, says that Luis Miguel has a “disgrace”.

Notwithstanding the moment of this conversation with the Mexican program, the Master Yucateco is very positive about the interpretation of “When the sun goes down”, and on the contrary, there is a reflection that there is an error in the musical medium, había riñas for who was the best.

“This is a bargain and if we are doing well, even though I have bad cases, I will take the scenario abruptly. All his great (interpreters) but always have one who is impressive and you have much to say about his (Luis Miguel) idiom of this romantic medium. “Luis Miguel and I’m always going to be in this league and I’m so glad of all the songs that I’m grabbing because I’re delicately grabbed,” Manzanero explains for those reasons.

In other words, María Elena revealed that her father “was a very predictable man” and, in addition to the auspices of a funeral, the day was designated as he wanted it to be despised and “now that we meet white flowers, have music , va a haber champán, porque él eso quería. He never fue a bebedor, but if we burn with a cup of champagne ”. También also chose a theme from his author titled “Cuando me vaya de aquí”.

It was a song that “very beautiful, that the Grammy of the Christian song had some years ago, like 10 years”, said Manzanero’s hen. “There is a chic who is Paulina Aguirre who is called ‘When I go here’ who is duet with her”.