If Bukele insists on quoting the Fodes “the most secure thing will be processed”, dice alcalde | El Salvador News

The Soyapango edilate says that while the Constitution is not being reformed, the Fodes is an obligation of the President.

Acts the President of the Republic following the foundations issued by the Correspondents in the Alcaldias and when the amendment is approved by the Legislative Assembly referred to the Municipalities, various Alcaldas exposing an alleged situation in its territory, including projects for the benefit of its localities.

Soyapango’s Alcalde, Juan Pablo Álvarez, points out that his municipality is paying $ 8 million in the fall of the Fodes, and that he has not yet completed the payment of the fund within the presupposition, following the projects and municipal programs.

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“While the Constitution (Bukele) has not been changed, it is obligatory for it, if it wants to (leave the Fodes of the Presumption) more secure than it will end the trial at the end of its term. It seems that if he does not do it (works) he can do it more, he wants to centralize everything ”, opina el edil de Soyapango.

Add to that the fact that there are at least 15 alcaldias that are facing a difficult situation to not hold the Fodes and that the population is affected by detention projects.

“As he (Bukele) has promised, he is most sure that we will take an opinion (in Fiscalía) against the president and vista of admitting publicly that there is everything to be said against the local governor, dobbeltsteen Álvarez.

The Alcalde de Santa Tecla, Roberto d’Aubuisson, clarifies that the Fodes go to the social works of infrastructure, basins, municipal clinics, daycare centers, for the benefit of the population, no son funds that for the alcaldes.

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“Nadie knows better the necessities of a job than an alkalde, because the employee is most concerned with the job. That the President (Bukele) is manifesting himself (that the diner is pierced in the alcaldes) demonstrates total ignorance of the function of what the alcaldes do and he preoccupies because he is called alcalde and at the moment he is from those who are stealing because the Fodes fund is transferring when you have a knife, and now you have a knife, ”explains Aubuisson.

For its part, the Dean of Economics at ESEN, Carmen Aída Lazo, said that the Executive has no room for maneuver in determining the percentage to be allocated to the Alcaldias, because there is a key that is needed.

Want to see public works plans

On Sunday 27 December, the governing body announced that it would execute all of the public works in just 4 months and that a new Assembly would be created, which would be favorable for new projects to be managed.

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“It is not factual about the times he demonstrated during ejaculation. It appears that it does not complement the promises, the same between the hospital (El Salvador) and the puente (Chichilco). The evidence in our history shows that his demise was optimistic about the periods of public obstruction, ”said Lazo in response to the announcement.