“I last year of the year: Cynthia Rodríguez azota in vivo during Venga la Alegría (VIDEO)

Además de su belleza y charisma algo que ha caracterizado a Cynthia Rodríguez during his participations in ‘Venga la Alegría’ his son was disappointed caidas.

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And it’s the larynx of this year’s that could have been the number one accident witnesses of those who have been victims of the guapa actress.

This is the case of my most recent caida, the cual, ocurrió mientras participate in one of the dynamics of the matutino realized in the issue of these markets.

The bochornoso and doloroso moment not only seen on television, but also in the social speeches of ‘Venga la Alegría’.

‘N Klip podemos ver que Rodríguez intenta patear un globe, pero esto le occasionó que se resbalara y terminara por ‘besar el piso’.

With great humor the conductor assures his companions that this is his ultimate series caida of 2020 is that prominence will be more fulfilled with each step since the last day of the year.

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The video has a typical comment type, by a ladu algunos usuarios se burlaron de la terrible. caida de Cynthia, while others show their preoccupation with the good golfer they are.

It was made into a cayo otra vez, but its action is the best ”,“ Todavía does not know this year, but everything can be done ”,“ Ten cuidado hermosa ”,“ Siempre tan sympatica con sus caidas”, Seun solo algunos de los comentarios.

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