Hugo Sánchez wants the same technical team that he has in Pumas

One of the ‘Penta’ petitions is contrary to the elements that he helped in other moments of his career as a coach

MEXICO – Hugo Sánchez, the most firm candidate to lead Cruz Azul in 2021, pretending to have the same technical body with which he works in Pumas when he won the championship in 2004.

An allegation of negotiation with Cruz Azul affirm that Hugo Sánchez invited Sergio Egea in order to be part of his work group, as well as other collaborators of his trust.

Sergio Egea always has the side of the people of Hugo Sánchez, but only that there were no junctions in any of the ‘Pentapichichi”s quarters as in Pachuca; luego de obtener los titulos con Pumas volvieron hacer mancuerna en Necaxa y en la Selección Nacional de cara in Sudafrica 2010

Egea, who had my last move to Salamanca CF UDS, accepts that Hugo Sánchez negotiated with the same directive to assume the time in the next Guardian 2021.

Dijo que está felis por la posibilidad “y, bueno, formaríamos otra vez un tandem”, añadió a ESPN Digital. “I know that Mexico has received me brilliantly and treated me phenomenally. Found a barbarian barn with barbarian people in my barn ”.


By another, transcend that which is the directive of Cruz Azul has not officially announced the angle of Hugo Sánchez According to Máquina, “there are some points in concluding that he is living the prop Hugo”.

Cruz Azul announced his start on Monday 28th of this month, with the title of new coach who will be joining the 2021 Guardians.