Hugo Sánchez, a firm of the new Cruz Azul DT

Pentapichichi is looking to convert to the new Technical Director of Cruz Azul, only his company will fail

Hugo Sánchez is in the details of converting into the new Cruz Azul coach and, if all goes according to plan, he will be announced this Wednesday, December 30th, there will be various events to ESPN.

The “Pentapichichi” has the intention to return to direct over 8 years of austerity as a coach and has the “sí” in the directive of Cruz Azul, which is the last touches of the contract to play a total agreement with the co-worker of ESPN.

De hecho, ESPN before the 11th of December, Robert Siboldi will present his remarks to Cruz Azul, stating that the directive has three main options for joining the team: Hugo Sánchez, Matías Almeyda and Antonio Mohamed.

The informants said that since last week there have been several offers for the month for the “Pelado” and for the “Penta”, but in the case of Almeyda, more than one of them for going to Cruz Azul, the negotiations will not take place San José Earthquakes pidio to the Argentinian technician completes the 2 remaining years with the MLS team and this decision honors the contract and its palabra.

As of last week, Hugo Sánchez’s operation, which decided to take over the Mardi Gras’ M21 2021 car from the MX League, on the one hand, will all be in line with the plans for both parties, will be announced as a new coach.

Sánchez Márquez practically accompanied all of his career as the coach of his assistant Sergio Egea and hopes that he and other collaborators will join the “Penta” in La Noria in case the transaction is closed.