Hugo Pérez: “The FESFUT has overridden the sub 23 and they say they are”

The ex world list Hugo Ernesto Pérez confirms to Deportes LPG that it has accepted the preliminary proposal that the FESFUT will have 10 days to direct the sub 23 and look for one of the tickets to the Olympic Games in Tokyo in the elimination of the CONCACAF to celebrate in Guadalajara, Mexico next month of March.

“Hablé con el señor (Hugo) Carrillo hace un par de semanas y he estado hablando también con Diego Henríquez, obviamente estoy esperando la respueste de ellos, me interesa la propoesta porque es mi pais pero mai intereste est haha ​​de la mannera I was just waiting for the answer from them, I got in touch with Diego, let’s go step by step, I hope that logging in will be a decision that the FESFUT will take and the days that I am interested in the proposal “Summary Pérez on this media via his residence in the United States.

Pérez explained that “the proposal was taken from sub 23 and sub 17, but as it is possible to cancel the World Cup sub 17 for now only if sub 23 and more adriant we would work with the other selections”, Jorge’s ex assistant “Zarco” Rodríguez con la Selecta in 2015.

Regarding the points agreed with the FESFUT, the ex volatility of FAS mediates the decade of the 90 ‘dijo that has many points listed “for tenemos that read an agreement of which the time of the contract, if the proposal is received is only for the Olympic Games in Guadalajara and only want to classify the Olympic Games or more, for me the important series will be a much longer process, taking place in the situation in which they can be ten, desconozco eso, pero una cosa sa que sio “to the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) and they have a long and difficult process and a form that will take place in my country”, indicated.

Pérez dijo adds that he has applied for certain points that he must include in his future contract.

“This sub 23 should be the base for the 2026, for the World Cup in the United States, if it is because it is the reality of us and the other is that we live in a period in which the Central America and the Caribbean Select he progressed and for the 2026 there will be one more cup for this World Cup and allied it will be under 23 debe de lucirse porque deben de trabajarse con ellos, toda vez que los equipos quieran darlos “, opinó.

“It’s the salary, the other things, we have not done directly to the group that accompanies me in the technical team, only this month, but it’s the plastic todavia, it’s not even the announcement that it’s possible to do to take responsibility, we have as many as 10 days to be present about this proposal, we have a good conversation with the Lord Carrillo and he has to talk to the executive committee to discuss between them “, explained Pérez who has FMF wine.

“He has not spoken to anyone because they are basically because he has no company with El Salvador, but because he has an important project in the long run and has not been involved in any of FESFUT’s actions, he can say no to respect. that the FESFUT told me that what I had to offer, when I was talking to the FMF only because he was talking to them, “he concluded.