How to unlock the CX-9 and Sykov early

There’s new content coming to Modern Warfare, and players can actually try it out. Here’s how to unlock the CX-9 and Sykov early in Modern Warfare and play with them today.

Recently, season 7 for the game teased a major new leak for Modern Warfare. After the Cold War became Activision’s latest priority, fans of modern warfare were disappointed with the lack of content.

Of course, this is nothing new for Call of Duty fans. Even if the games, no matter how well received, become a lifetime of only one year.

modern warfare unlocks new guns early
(Source: Activision)

Still, it serves to anger fans of Modern Warfare for the Cold War. Fortunately, additional content is added to the 2019 game to help satisfy the excited players.

Two new rifles come after modern warfare

In the past, a Modern warfare leak reveals two new rifles come into play. On top of that, Soap MacTavish will arrive as a new operator in Modern Warfare and Warzone.

We do not know exactly when these new versions will fall, but the weapons are already in the files of the game. What’s more, players can actually access them if they know how to unlock them.

How to Unlock the CX-9 in Modern Warfare

The CX-9 is a rifle that looks a lot like the Scorpion SMG. This machine gun has a fast rate of fire and should be very popular if players find the best charge.

modern warfare cx-9 early unlocking
(Source: Grenade Launcher)

To unlock the CX-9 in Modern Warfare, players must get two long-range shooting kills using SMGs in 5 different Multiplayer games.

Once completed, Modern Warfare fans can try out the CX-9 themselves – however, there is a catch.

The CX-9 is currently only usable in Survival mode and cannot be taken to Multiplayer or Warzone until the update officially drops. Still, players can get a feel for the upcoming gun and be well prepared for when it will be officially released.

How to unlock the Sykov in modern warfare

The Sykov, also known to many gamers as the Makarov, is the latest pistol that has come to Modern Warfare. The Makarov pistol actually leaked to Modern Warfare early last month, meaning that this new weapon is no longer needed for a long time.

sykov modern warfare early unlocked
(Source: Grenade Launcher)

To unlock the Sykov in Modern Warfare, you only need to get 4 kills with Pistols in 5 Multiplayer matches.

Once the Sykov is complete, it will reappear in Survival mode shopping malls. However, players expect this early release to get a patch in the coming days.

Eager fans should check out this new feature quickly to avoid disappointment. For all we know, these could be some of the best guns in Warzone after release.

As for the best guns in the Cold War Multiplayer, however, that’s a different story. With more content in the Black Ops Cold War update during the middle of the season, there’s more to ever enjoy from Call of Duty fans.

However, it looks like Activision is not going to make the Warzone snow map after all.