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All the unissued / leaked Apex Legends characters in one post.

Apex Legends is currently in season 7, but that does not mean we will see more legends anytime soon. Each new season, Respawn adds another legend, so a lot needs to be added soon. Let’s take a look at all the upcoming Apex Legends characters that have leaked so far.

Take it as with all leaks with a grain of salt. Any Apex Legends development background can be changed at any time. Some characters may never be added or completely reworked.

These leaks are based on a reddit post leak, which showcases several legends that have not yet been released.


Blisk originally appeared in the Titanfall games and was the first Apex Predator players to be featured. He is the leader of the Apex Legends, and it goes without saying that he who is in the game should come as no surprise to ordinary Apex players.

Blisk’s capabilities:

  • Passive: Interrogation – The execution of an enemy will reveal the location of their allies for ten seconds.
  • Tactical: Throwing knife – deals 20 damage and marks the target. Killing a marked target rewards double credits.
  • Eventually: Payday – the group dies award credits. Spend credits on powerful supplies.


Falcon is currently only known as the “Soaring Aviator”. Not much is known about her at present, other than concept art and abilities.

Falcon’s abilities

  • Passive: VTOL Jets – Keep jumping to start VTOL Jets.
  • Tactical: Cluster Missile – Shoot down a rocket that explodes several times.
  • Eventually: Skyward – Press once to prepare for launch. Teammates can communicate with Valk to take part in the launch. Press again to jump in and jump into the air.


Similar to Falcon, not much is known about Jericho. The only information known may be based on his set of abilities, which suggests that he will be a great character like Gibraltar.

Jericho’s abilities:

  • Passive: Ballistic shield protection – your ballistic shield protects your back when you are not actively using it.
  • Ability one (potential tactics): Ballistic shield – A full body shield that protects you from incoming fire.
  • Ability two (potential ultimate): Shield-Breaker Javelins – Throw two electrically charged spears burning through enemy body shields.

Fire lice

Apart from its capabilities, nothing is currently known about Firebug. Players are confused about which one of these characters is Firebug or Prophet. (The prophet will be discussed later). In addition, the name Skunner appears to make things even more confusing.

We do know that this character will be a legendary legend.

Firebug’s capabilities:

  • Passive: Light step: you are not slowed down by debris traps and leave no cross-evidence for trackers.
  • Tactical: Garbage trap: Drop a heap of debris that slows down and damages enemies as they move through it.
  • Eventually: Schiltrom barrier grenade: immediately create a pointed barrier made of fast-curing resin.


Husaria’s nickname is ‘The Hard Breacher’ and with good reason. Her entire kit is designed around CQC, which will make her seem like an aggressive player on the surface.

Husaria’s abilities:

  • Passive: Rifle Head: You have a shotgun on your leg that shoots when you gather doors or enemies. Requires rifle ammunition. By using your abilities, you give a short speed increase.
  • Tactical: Flashbang – Throws a grenade that briefly blinds and deafens opponents
  • Eventually: Concussion Offense – Plant an offense that fires a sonic wave through walls to destroy traps, force doors open, and disorient enemies.

Prophet / Seer

Players are not sure if the image above is Prophet, but it’s a good guess. But we know at least his full potential.

Prophet / seer’s abilities:

  • Passive: Sniper Training – Increased accuracy as ADS and gameplay begin with a range
  • Tactical: Spotter Sight – Search the area for enemies and gather information about targets found
  • Eventually: Triple Tap – equips a silence with a silence with three shots


Based on information from That1MiningGuy, Nomad is almost completely complete in the game files. The picture above may not be the way he looks.

Nomad’s abilities:

  • Passive: Packmule – “Nomad and his teammates have extra space for backpacks.”
  • Tactical: Loot Compass – “Follow the outer compass to the nearest item.”
  • Eventually: Crafting Table – “Place a crafting table. Scrap storable materials and buy items. ”


Immortal is a legend for shield support. The image above is a leaked image from the game’s files.

Immortals’ abilities:

  • Passive: Hard to kill – If you come down, you can revive yourself.
  • Tactical: Shield Charger / Teardown – Unleash a cloud of Nanites to load your team’s shield OR Hit a target with a cloud of Nanites to kill their shields for a short time.
  • Eventually: Rise of the Pheonix – Fully restore your health and shields and give nearby teammates 30 seconds of self-revival. It takes 8 seconds to load.


The description of Downfall is a “Populist Pyroman”. He is presumably in the late stages of development.

Doomsday Abilities:

  • Passive: Fire Walker – You automatically put out the fire by running it. Burning teammates will be put out if they come near you.
  • Tactical: Fire Sale – Throw a box of four Molotovs for everyone in your group who can pick up and throw.
  • Eventually: Reign of Fire – Fire a firebomb powered by rockets.


Reckoner is described as a “Self-Sacrificing Romantic” and is in an early stage of development. We do not think he will be released anytime soon.

Reckoner’s abilities

  • Passive: Shield explosion – If the shields are broken, it will emit an explosion and damage enemies in the area.
  • Tactical: Shield Stealer – Fires an energy beam that drains the enemy’s shields and charges you.
  • Eventually: Gravity Orb – Throws a slow-moving gravity sphere that bends the trajectory of nearby attacks.


Conduit has no images or any information other than its code. He seems to be an ‘Overshield Conductor’ which indicates that he is a supportive character.

Conduit’s capabilities

  • Tactical bow flash: Damage Conduit’s shield to give the targeted allies a shield.
  • Passive capacity: Conduit’s basic health is 50 health and 50 shield, instead of 100 health. Pipes gradually regenerate the shield over time.
  • Final short circuit: Conduit channels their shields in a giant bow ball that flies across the battlefield and steals shields from enemies.

Legends with little information

Ash is a character from Titanfall 2 that previously appeared in Season 5 of Apex Legends. No information is known about her possible Apex Legends character.


Nothing is known about Fuse other than its original appearance on a leaked Apex Legends screenshot. Fuse may very well not be the official name come launch.

Credit database That1MiningGuy, Shrugtal, Biast12, en iLootGames.
Image Credit – DEXERTO, Respawn Entertainment