How To Have No Glory On Snipers In Warzone

These non-glittering slides can keep snipers hidden in Warzone.

Scope Glint is the biggest enemy of a sniper. It gives away their position and warns potential targets that they are about to be shot.

Luckily for Warzone snipers, there are a number of ranges that allow players to watch players from hundreds of feet without shining.

What size has no shine in Warzone

There are a number of high-zoom scopes added as part of the Season 1 update that do not have gloss. Although you can not remove gloss from the range, players can choose an optics that has no gloss.

Unfortunately, this scope can only be attached to the Black Ops weapons in the Cold War in Warzone. The range of modern warfare rifles in Warzone adheres to the rule regarding gloss.

Each range of modern warfare with 3.5 or more zoom has a gloss of range. However, this is not the case for Cold War rifles in Warzone.

The Royal & Kross 4X range, coupled with the 6x zoom Hangman RF, has no space in Warzone. This range can be used for long-range tactical rifles such as the force majeure DMR or aggressive sniper rifles.

For players who want a more flexible sniper rifle, the Vulture Custom Zoom has a variable zoom range between 1x and 10x. It also has no gloss, but there is a better option for Warzone snipers.

The king of Warzone’s glittering grounds is without a doubt the Ultrazoom Custom. It is a variable range that increases from 2x to a whopping 20x zoom.

However, it should be borne in mind that the lack of gloss for cutlery is likely to be a mistake and will be rectified soon. Possibly as part of the big Season 1 Reload update, which will be available soon.

What Extent to Avoid in Warzone

Players using Cold War snipers in Warzone should avoid the standard range at all costs. This is because it has a sparkle where optics with similar zoom do not.

Although players will have to give up an attachment slot for one of the other optics, it’s definitely worth having an attachment without any glitter in Warzone.

There is also a range you should avoid as it has a sheen that players would not expect.

The SUSAT Multizoom has a variable zoom between 2x and 4x. However, even when you aim the sight at the 2x zoom, the range shows a clear sheen.

Watch the video from JGOD for a more detailed overview of the glare in Warzone.

However, this is not the only problem in Warzone at the moment. Players found a way to teleport across the map.

Fans of Warzone are also upset that this popular game mode has been replaced. This is especially bad for players, as a Double XP event is coming up soon.