How long will the vaccine be protected against covid-19? | News

NUEVA YORK – How long will it take to protect the vehicles against the covid-19?

The experts do not know why they are studying the vacancies in order to determine when they should be vaccinated. The efficiency of the vacancies against the new variants also determines the need for additional injections, both when and how to administer them.

“We only need information about the time we are studying the vacancies,” said Deborah Fuller, vacancy researcher at the University of Washington. “We will study the vacancies and try to see how vulnerable they are to new viruses.” .

At the moment, the study carried out by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer indicates that the dose vacancy that developed with BioNTech has been very effective for less than six months, and it is likely that for the longest time. Those who received the Moderna also received notable levels of anticonvulsants within six months of receiving the second dose of the drug.

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Pero los anticuerpos no lo explican todo. To prevent intrusions such as viruses, our immunological system has another line of defense called cells B and T, some of which can persist in the body for a long time after the levels of anticoagulation have increased. If you encounter the same virus in the future, you can activate it more quickly.

Although it does not impede complete completion, I can help you mitigate your pregnancy. But at the moment, the exact paper that may be designing these “memory” cells against the coronavirus, and at what time.

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Well, the current vacancies against the covid-19 podrian are effective during a year, probably without sacrificing life protection, like the sarampi, affirms doctor Kathleen Neuzil, expert in vacancies at the University of Maryland.

“It’s to be at some point in the middle of this range,” he said.

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The variants are another reason why an additional injection is needed.

The current vacancies are designed to actuate a specific protein protein in the coronavirus, dijo Mehul Suthar, del Centro de Vacunas Emory. If the virus suffers from it over time, quizzes will be updated to increase its efficiency.

At the moment the vacancies appear to protect against the most known variants, although some are less than the first visa in South Africa.

As a result, if an injection is needed, a single dose can increase the protection of the actual vacancies or contain the pharmacy against one or more variants.

The need for a dose of recovery also depends on the success of the global level evacuation campaign, the reduction of contagions and the appearance of new varieties.