How biotechnology can change the future of the sick

Pocos hallazgos han sido tan relevens en la historia de la medicine as the discovery of the information contained in the DNA in principle of the years old. This great advance sent the basics of modern biotechnology, and since then the scientists have dedicated themselves indiscriminately to deciphering the letter of the human genome sequencing, which has made it possible to develop a great deal of advances in medicine and medicine. of the treatment of many sick.

The DNA is a molecule that contains all the genetic information that conforms to a vivo and is “written” with a combination of four molecules that are represented by the letters: G, A, T, C. A human being is a sequence of ADN has 3,200 million words. The order in which these basic elements are available forms the different genes and each contains the necessary instructions to form a specific protein. For that matter, in times, the genome is like a book with letters and phrases.

With genetics it will be possible to increase the prevention of diseases before they become more severe

All this permission allows you to relate the genes of a specific cell to the origin of the diseases, and many of them must be activated or deactivated incorrectly. A sample of the importance of extending the DNA and its alterations is the concession of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry this year 2020. It was awarded the work of biochemistry and microbiologist Emmanuelle Charpentier and the professor of chemistry and biology molecular Jennifer Doudna por the development of a technique to edit in a precise way the genome: the CRISPR / Cas9 technology is known as “the genetic tigers”, which allows to modify the genes that carry the altered fragments, which are related to the development of diseases.

In this line, the Director General of Amgen Biotechnology in Spain and Portugal, Fina Lladós, agrees that “the closest scientific advances tend to take place in the age of biological biologists mediating the study of human genetics, which is ability to resolve the most important challenges of humanity. Genetics is one of the most powerful hermeneutics we can apply to understand how nature works ”.

The medicine directed to each patient will be possible thanks to biotechnology

The medicine directed to each patient will be possible thanks to biotechnology

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A new era of biotechnological innovation

Since its creation in 1980, Amgen’s founders believe that the cure for many diseases is within one of ours, so that we may decide on the knowledge of molecular biology to differentiate between other pharmaceutical companies. It will focus on analyzing the complexities of the illnesses, enlisting the best of its origins and discovering innovative therapies that will increase patient life.

For all this, this company is in the vanguard of the most important biological treatments and work to address in important areas such as oncology, hematology, cardiology, nephrology, cardiovascular diseases, inflammation and inflammation.

The content of the information contained in the DNA is key in the development of new biological pharmacies to treat cancer or cardiovascular diseases

The content of the information contained in the DNA is key in the development of new biological pharmacies to treat cancer or cardiovascular diseases

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For example, in the camp of cancer or in cardiovascular diseases, Amgen’s scientists have discovered essential genetic factors that contribute to the contribution of its CODE Genetics subsidiary, world leader and genetic research in 2019 human genomes. “Has enough gross information on a single human genome to fill a small library. The data that flows from various frames of the omica (sciences of study of a large number of molecules) are like pixels that can be used to construct a more necessary image to cause the process to fail and to unfold, ”says Fina Lladós.

In addition, the technologies based on the study have a wide range of many genes, proteins and metabolites, and have the potential to attract new biomarkers for the diagnosis of more advanced drugs. It is facilitated that the clinical trials of the drugs be more accessible and as such can be approved and read quickly to the patients. But this technology does not only agilize the process, but it does allow us to advance a medicine that is more direct, in accordance with the genetic information and individual characteristics of each patient. It will be possible to predict how it will evolve in its path and it will be able to increase its ability to prevent antidotes from becoming more serious.

The founders of Amgen supieron see that the cure for many wounds is found within each of us

In this sense, the company is working on the study of pulmonary cancer cells (CPCNP), a type of pulmonary cancer that represents up to 85% of cases. The company’s investigators have discovered an effective inhibitor of a mutation of the KRAS gene, presenting in each of the new diagnostics of this type of cancer, one that is considered “intractable” has been around for some time. In addition, since the beginning of the year, Amgen is investing in new ways to combat immunotherapy through cancer, a new class of biological therapies aimed at increasing the capacity of the immune system to detect and destroy cancer cells; is the case of the BiTE® technology platform innovator.

Precisely immunology is one of the areas of research that is advancing more in the design of pharmaceuticals thanks to genetic engineering, a key piece of modern biotechnology that has changed the paradigm of pharmacy discovery. Genetic engineering allows scientists to make complex molecules that are impossible to obtain through chemical synthesis. While the first biotechnological pharmacies are modified versions of human proteins, now they can design complex molecular structures thanks to the use of sophisticated technologies.

Currently, the company accounts for more than 139 international clinical trials, making it possible to convert the average number of molecules in development into effective and safe biological pharmacies. Started its activity in Spain in 1990, with this being celebrating its 30th anniversary. Based in Barcelona, ​​Amgen Spain is the fifth world market for the company and the third in Europe.

White globe attacking cancerous cell

White globe attacking cancerous cell

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Reaction to the Covid-19

When the pandemic strikes, Amgen decides to put all its knowledge and capacity into emergency services that we encounter. In April, deCODE Genetics, Amgen’s subsidiary, decided to use its DNA sequencing capabilities to restore the median coronavirus propagation to the study of genetic mutations in SARS-CoV-2, the Covid-19 virus. Medium the durability of the human anticoagulants against the virus and result in a determinant study. The results of deCODE confirm the preoccupation with the effect that the asin people have in the virus propagation. One more time that the DNA request was demonstrated was essential for advancement.