House of Representatives raises $ 2,000 coronavirus aid check and cancels Trump’s veto on Defense | News Univision Elections in EUEU 2020

El Rent Impact Service, IRS by its seal in Engels, may begin to send the first checks as soon as Wednesday or Wednesday.

Prohibition of probes, it’s not clear if it’s another powder to have retrasos as well as the principles of the year, when the governor sent the first grant of $ 1,200 per contribution.

The IRS may begin to deposit the aid to the bank accounts of the contributors this week, voldoen aan alplan delineado by the Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin, report The Washington Post.

Trump combined the $ 600 sum to compare the 900,000 million dollar ayuda por coronavirus.

The Chamber of Deputies of the Congress, between then, approve the moon for the night to increase this check to $, 2000, comply with al pedido del presidente. The mediocrity passed to Senado, where the Republicans did not know it. Democrats are proposing Trump’s increased pay.

The IRS deposits the aid directly into the bank accounts of the contributors, as well as the principles of the year. Whoever has not given the governor his bank account number will receive a check by mail.