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Pompeo is studying a plan to include Cuba in the list of terrorist countries

The officials of the Department of State have edited a proposal to consider Cuba as a State that patronizes terrorism, a policy of external policy of the last hour that complicates the plans of the governing government entrusted by Joe Biden to relinquish the presidency of our Mayor La Habana. According to United States officials, at the end of the week, the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, must decide whether to approve this plan, an action that will also serve as a compliment to Cuban city officials and other Latin Trump presidents. is its Republican correlations in the November elections. I do not know if Pompeo decided to follow suit with this design. But Democrats and foreign policy experts cringe that Trump and his high-ranking officials are desperate to limit the first months of President-elect Joe Biden’s cargo and make it difficult to overturn Trump’s foreign policy. In the last few weeks, the officials also wanted to increase the pressure and sanctions of the United States against China and Iran. The description that a country has “repeatedly used it in response to acts of international terrorism”, following the official description of a terrorist patronage proportioned by the Department of State, generates automatic means of sanctions against United States in contravention . If it is included in this list, Cuba will summarize the other three countries: Iran, North Korea and Syria. The governor of Biden could drill down to Cuba from this list. But it requires more than a presidential firm. The Department of State tends to conduct an official evaluation, a process that can take several months. A statement from the Department of State signaled that this body did not have “deliberations or possible deliberations” in relation to terrorist classifications. The White House has no comments. On Tuesday, the Democrats will attack the Cuban referendum and criticize it as a last-ditch political change that limits the manner in which Biden’s team enters. “It’s another president’s less than 23 days from his party,” said New York State Democrat Gregory W. Meeks, who is the new president of the Camera Bay Exterior Relations Committee. “It’s a ponytail grill grill next to the gober,” added Meeks. In 2015, the Customs Department of Corridor in Cuba made a list of terrorist terrorists in the wake of President Barack Obama’s announcement of the normalization of relations between Washington and La Habana since the first communist revolution in 1959. that Obama defined as a branch of the Free War. As part of the promises of political and social reform, Obama will lift economic sanctions, ease trade restrictions and travel, and open the Habana embassy for the first time in decades. In 2016, the environment and the first president of the stadium visited the island since Calvin Coolidge hiccuped. In 1982, Reagan’s governor included Cuba in the first terrorist list to support Izquierda’s insurgents in Latin America. During the Obama era, the Department of State issued the “safe gate” clause for Vasquez separatists and Colombian rebels. But the Obama administration’s officials have finally concluded that neither the vasculature nor the Colombian rebels are united in the peace process in La Habana that will take place in the 2016 peace process with the Colombian government planting no terrorist terrorist. También estaban disputes to accept that the governor of Cuba has given refuge to some fugitive bushes in the United States, among whom is Joanne D. Chesimard, 73 years old, an integral part of the Ejército Negro de Liberación. Chesimard, who now lives up to Assata Shakur’s number, is part of the FBI’s list of most searched terrorists to assess a New Jersey state policy in 1973. As a potential adder, the possibility of volverla being included in the list , in May, the Department of State notified the Congress that Cuba was one of the five countries that, according to officials, “did not cooperate entirely” with the United States counterterrorism operations, first of all that Cuba did not have a certificate issued by from 2015. The notification refers to the fact that Cuba has received a solicitation from Colombia, allied by the United States, to extradite the ten members of the National Liberation Party that live in La Habana lies that this group is responsible killed 22 people at a Bogotá police academy in January 2019. Without embarrassment, Democrats will say the idea of ​​Cuba planting a terrorist facility for the outside world was a political fiction. “This is completely absurd. Cuba is not a state that patronizes terrorism, ”said Ben Rhodes, who, as co-chair of Obama’s National Security Guarantee, said he had an important role in the government’s agreement with La Habana. Trump tachó al acuerdo de “verschriklike y torpe” y ha hecho retroceder muchas de sus clauses. During visits to Florida, the mandate presumed to be supporting Latin American communism and advised that Biden would not be harmed, a message that was well received by Cuban city donors and other voters of La Habana. As a candidate, Biden promised to change the state of politics, saying that “as soon as Trump’s bankruptcy policies are overturned that he caused donations to the Cuban people and he has nothing to do with stimulating democracy and human rights.” Cuba’s governing body in the Middle East has frustrated the hopes of liberation from the failure of its revolutionary leader, Fidel Castro, in November 2016. Habana has been arrested and detained for dissidents and reprimanded by a recent artist’s huelga and other activists in the capital, that for many Republicans it is probable that their governor will not have cordial relations with Washington. The Trump administration’s officials have also criticized the Cuban government’s supporter of Venezuela’s Socialist leader Nicolás Maduro for what Trump intended to do during the year. In The Miami Herald, the Republican Senator from Florida, Marco Rubio, a voice of much presence in Cuban politics, urges Biden to “respond to the dissidents” of this lie and even go so far as to “return to a unilateral policy of Cuba… and launch a salvavidas to the dictatorial regime of Raúl Castro ”. Officials commented that the plan to include Cuba in the list of terrorists patrolling countries, including the habitual process, was unveiled by the Department of Homeland Security Assistants and by the Department of State and by the Office normally tend to have a primary participation in a decision of this type. Rhodes caliphate is like a testament to a process of political motivation. “This is a signal that I have no reason to include Cuba in the list,” he said. The critics claim that Trump’s governor has begun to politicize his designs, which should be considered as a national security measure. This month, the United States eliminated in Sudan from the list of patriarchal countries of terrorism a few days ago that this African country was added to the list of Arab countries that it has established diplomatic relations with Israel, a fundamental priority of Trump. This article originally appeared in The New York Times. © 2020 The New York Times Company