Horoscope of December 31, 2020 | Tienes la verdad frente a ti | Horoscopes

Hoy tendrías la verdad frente a ti en muchos sentidos, sobre todo porque conjunction entre Mercurio y el Sol, tendría un buen aspecto para queas más clearer qué pasas daras a partar de este moment.

The Moon is now and the transit of the signs of the beginning of Cancer to Leo, as an aspect of deprivation, a source of prosperity without doubt.

The number should be present and based on the obvious, it can be said that everything is accommodated as it is necessary to feel that everything is blocked.

Signos de Fuego
(Ram, Leo, Sagitario)
Pronostic of the day: contemplar ser a persona much more consequent of what pocas veces has podido, for it is that more than nunca, tendrías que hacer que luna menguante se lleve cuelquier energie que de pronto te hiciera dudar de persona en su moment pretenden orientarte.

General Energy: because much of what is being said, there are situations that can not be resolved immediately. Without embarrassment, the options can be to change your mind and think about how your energy is most needed by those who think. Now that you have everything you need, you should know that the transition from Cancer to Leo, is full of vitality and not openness.

The conjunction between Mercury and the Sun, made to feel familiar with some things in the red, that it is possible to lenden sabiduria to take some type of plan, change life or make independent form to know much more than he has thought . For now, let’s think of catastrophe measures to focus on new perspectives.

For as long as it takes time to make the day’s number, it directs a lot more energy to what it thinks. It is possible to tend that one alto the things that come through but not hybrids are more fruity, from the moment they are considered most decisive.


Signos de Tierra
(Tauro, Virgo, Capricorn)
Pronostic of the day: in order not to make such an alarming algae that has not been completed, you can make it possible by not thinking negatively about what you say. It’s a good idea to connect with you when it comes to front desk loungers.

General Energy: build a better future with your clear ideas. I would like to point out that there are definitely situations in which it is most likely that what is happening at the moment, is a good thing to hear, that all have a major for you, if you are in need of the influence of Cancer Cancer and Leo. duda has a good aspect for you.

Extraordinary day, a change of cambios, a cycle of cycles, if it was on this day more privileged than before. It is possible that he has the influence of the conjunction between Mercury and the Sun, but not for those days of being less responsible than before.

You will only be able to conclude with a cycle of possible preoccupations, it is the number of those that have important things for you, but the basic series are also fundamental and there are all that are in your hands to avoid money of any kind, about all economics .

Signos de Aire
(Gemini, Libra, Acuario)
Pronostic of the day: follows a straight line, but soon it’s important to take some risks knowing that what they are doing, will seriously try to tell you whether you have the ability to change and make sure everything is loaded.

It’s a good energy that will go on sale for you, with the transition from Cancer to Leo, a crucial series to make sure everything is prosperous.

General Energy: it’s time to make sure that your energy changes form positively, tends to, from that moment on, the opportunity to feel that everything is alive and well.

Conducting has a greater energy, changing ambience, being much more positive than what was previously blown away and with it tendering the opportunity to direct the bonanzas. With the Luna menguante series enough for you to be ecumenical.

It’s more than happy to have positive results, even though it’s a merger between Mercury and the Sun, it’s a major aspect of the day. If for a moment the nostalgia for the invaded hobby, it is completely different, to maintain a good energy hiccups than hiccups.

I don’t think there is anything to be seen, but I have a good sense of humor to help you know a person who will definitely be compatible. Because it’s the number two, it’s up to you to make sure that everything converges in the best way with respect to your economy.


Water Signs
(Cancer, Scorpio, Fish)
Pronostic of the day: te considerarías importante, sobre todo en un mondo donde las cosas no han sido exactly right for you. Without embarrassment, we will insist that the world change constantly and that the frontier will tend to you. With the Luna menguante, series prefers that dejaras that everything flows as is debited.

General Energy: tendria a good energy haciendo that everything is more simple, thinking in that its preoccupations must have adequate responses to which can increase energy energies. To be able to solve any problem as high as possible, the cancer of Leo’s transgression, which no doubt has the strength required for it.

If you consider yourself a victim, it is time to dump her and move on. I’ll have a chance to make sure that you can do everything in your power to get rid of them. For this one the union between Mercury and the Sun, which no doubt, has much more animosity than any other.

A good year, a day of extraordinary life that favors teenagers all the time to your guns. From this moment on, consider a person much more responsible with your finances and from that perspective, all the way to the correct form for you.


Astral Map by Marco Antonio Solís