Honduras in London at the new stage: ‘Here everything is bad; no he felt very much changed ‘

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS.- United Kingdom live in carne propia what in December Wuhan, in China, sufrió debido a la pandemia del covid-19. The only difference is that English is the victim of a new state of envy, that the orils take new means.

London, the capital of this nation, is like the Wuhan of England, the city that was converted into the epicenter of the new coronavirus variant, which has zozobra to miles of people, including Honduran variants.

Agreed with Iván Romero Martínez, Ambassador of Honduras to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, in this place live at least a few miles, but more than one city (600) are in London.

One of them is Harold Isaac Borjas Vásquez, a young Honduran-Spaniard, who recently went to London with the idea of ​​expanding his labor opportunities, but with the new cepa being a mandatory quarantine.

In dialogue with EL HERALDO, el landgenoot, nacido en San Lorenzo, Valle, on Honduras, account that the 21st of December went to this city, but when I was able to fill out a form and make my migration check if I had to go directly to the place I had to pass 10 days practically closed.

If you decide to go it cheap and risk the low bandwidth you are only fooling yourself. The quarantine is absolute. The person who enters does not have to pay for anything. The basic purchases (comedy, medicines, etc.) The deben realize third.

“I can not tell you now, but I think this is all about the mutation that the coronavirus has. I did not feel much change in the calf, I did not feel it before, but I have felt in the sense that the governor does not mediate with the citizens “, he said, making reference to what he also saw in Spain, his second homeland.

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Harold accounted for in England, especially in London, there are many people who do not wear mascara, although it is obligatory in countries of southern Europe and other parts of the world.

Off United Kingdom only is mandatory in closed places, shopping centers or in public transport. What is happening is that mobility is declining, so it is important that people are involved in the calls.

Ángela Cruz, another country resident living in Reino Unido, indicates EL HERALDO only the “first necessity” negotiations are open.

The Honduran lives in Eastbourne, a city located at two hours of the school principal. “The situation is very critical of the new capital that it has, but in situations like this we are in the capital, which is London; han cerrado esas vías ”, dijo.

“In my work, I have a preoccupation with infecting the seniors. I also work with limping hotels and open customers’ homes. Security measures are extreme, they do not serve as comedians in hotels,” he said.


When the new British government, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, announced a more restrictive agreement and reduced the number of residents’ meetings, all of them were celebrated by Navidad. También mentions the love of some “no essentials” business (barbershops, gyms, etc.).

The contagio with the new variant is 70% superior, which obliges more than one hundred cattle to restrain the proven birds of the United Kingdom.

According to international media, this was discovered in September, but it was until November – when the quarter of the cases in London was announced in this new variant – which the alarms will disappear. For December, increase the number of cases in the third.

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Currently in the United Kingdom there are 2.2 million infections and at least 70 million deaths, according to the Worldometers web site, which has no specific contact with the new cepa. Local media mentions that it passed the December 19th eran more than 20 miles.

The media in this nation have questions and allegations of “floats”, since the Prime Minister at the moment planted the “collective munitions”, but he was obliged to withdraw when the University of Imperial College de London presents a mathematical model that visualizes the increase in deaths through infertility.

¿Hooi hondureños infected?

The moonlight, the ambassador of Honduras in United Kingdom ensures that no registered registrations of infected individuals are allowed to live with the new cepa.

In dialogue with HRN, the diplomat suggests that the Hondurans be in constant communication with them. “The telephones and electronic letters of the embassy are available and all are subject to the evolution of any of them”, he said.

Asimismo, dijo que los hondureños residentes en London be obedientes with the biosecurity means to avoid the contagion.

“I love a London ghost, practically. If the 90s are found in paralysis, then food diets and emergencies will appear, ”he describes.

Romero Martínez most concerned about the new cepa, which is 70% more contagious that the virus was discovered in Wuhan, China, in the finals of December 2019, but it was alerted that everything is being investigated about the variant that is also in vogue Honduras.