Hilaria Baldwin accused of pretending to be Spanish

If you appeared on Twitter.com today, you may have noticed that Hilaria Baldwin’s name is trending.

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You know, Hilaria – fitness guru, mother of five with Alec Baldwin.

You may have been under the impression that Hilaria is Spanish. In the first place, numerous articles (and Google) state that she was born in Mallorca.

Her official bio on her agency’s website also says she was born in Spain.

She implied that she had moved from Mallorca to go to NYU.

Hilaria Baldwin went to the #momtruths podcast in April 2020 and said she did not move to the US until she was 19 to go to NYU.

She said she made people ask if she was actually the babysitter for her, ‘blonde hair, blue-eyed children’ – because she spoke to them in Spanish.

Heck, she can not even remember the word for cucumber!


You have to admire Hilaria Baldwin’s dedication to her decade of experience where she’s a Spanish person

“I was born in Boston and grew up with my family between Massachusetts and Spain.”

In the Instagram video, she addressed her seemingly changing accent, saying it was the result of bilingualism. ‘This is one of the things I’ve always been a little unsure about […] If I get nervous, or if I get upset, I start mixing the two. ‘

As for her name, she continues: ‘In this country I would use the name Hilary. In Spain I would use the name Hilaria […] I identify more with Hilaria because that’s what my family calls me. ‘

‘Yes, I’m a white girl. Let us be clear that Europe has a lot of white people there. My family is white. Ethnically, I am a mixture of many, many, many things. Culturally, I grew up with two cultures. So it’s as simple as that. ”

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“In the past, I would get very frustrated if reporters reported or reported on it, and I would try to be very clear – and they would be like, ‘Oh, you were born in Spain.’

Hilaria followed her story, where she said, “I’m so tired. I’m going back to my family because I was not a very good mom, and spent a lot of time on it and I just want to be left alone. I so love you, and I’ll be off for a long time. ‘

If we look through Hilaria’s tweets, she seems to have gone to great lengths to never explicitly say that she’s Spanish – but she came pretty close:

@AlecBaldwin that’s all a Spanish yoga teacher would ever want! Thank you Corazon

@DiscipleOfTodd @alecbaldwin Spanish people. When I was a kid, it did not even exist in Spain!

The whole thing sparked a conversation about why it’s problematic to pretend to be an immigrant, especially one from a non-English speaking country:

@honigmaydl I do not think it is harmless – she pretends to have the experience of an immigrant who does not speak English fluently and leans in a sexy Spanish stereotype that harms Spanish and Latin women.

@lenibriscoe For me it’s less about race and more about pretending I’ve been through the challenges of being an adolescent or adult immigrant, such as learning English. As an educator, I have seen children through this kind of challenge without wealth, and she has not.

@lenibriscoe Fully understand that it’s offensive and diminishes the experience of real immigrants, but on the surface it’s hilarious.

We will keep you informed if there are any updates.

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