Here’s an exclusive first look at Loot Crate’s CASTLEVANIA equipment in January’s Gaming Crate

The January Loot Gaming crate will be available today, December 27, at 9pm PST. Named “New Game +” (an apt title given how we all probably want to push the reset button in 2021), it contains epic equipment and collectibles from hit franchises such as Dark souls, Castlevania, en Dropout.

There are many amazing crates on the Loot Crate website, but we know that many of you are game fans, so we’ve take a look at this particular crate and the amazing stuff inside.

In this one you will find a Dark souls Cup, a Castlevania Scarf & Beanie set, and more, and we’re glad to be able to unveil the latter set exclusively today.




How freaking cool is that not?

There is even a premium DOOM Eternal Pullover Hoodie add-on to keep you warm in the winter, but you have to order PST by January 27th at 9pm to get your hands on one (be warned, they sell out fast). Loot Crate Gaming crates start at $ 28.95 plus shipping and handling.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to Loot Crate after 9pm tonight to order a “New Game +” box!


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