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The family of Jessica Cortez Luna, the mother of 4 children who were hired to shoot on December 26 in Durham, Carolina del Norte, presumably by her sentimental partner, is inviting the community to a vigil this Wednesday to honor her memory. The activity takes place at the 201 N Corcoran St, in Durham.

Through his Facebook page, Ailyn Cortez, Herman of Victim, invites people to read a light on this “beautiful mother of four who has been beaten by domestic violence”.

The four heights that Jessica had ten years ago between the 7 months and the 12th year.

The main suspect in the crime of the young mother is Jorge Maya Gómez, your couple for five years and who, according to information shared in the speeches, has contacts and friendships in Greensboro and Charlotte (North Carolina), and also in Atlanta (Georgia) and Tampa (Florida). Además, it has been commented that it is from Toluca, Mexico, and could be had this country.

The present assassin, who is armed and is considered as “dangerous” by the police, means 6 pies and 1 pulgada, has a chest of drawers and a barbeque. Last seen at the time driving a van 2016 Chevrolet Silverado of 2016 color black, with plate number HEW-3881 from Carolina del Norte.

The young lady has approved the end-of-year vacations to visit her family in Durham, Carolina del Norte when, comas helas 2 am from December 26, taken care of.

Her husband commented that Jessica had been permanently in this abusive relationship, that she would end up dating Maya one day or another, until she finally lost her life.

“I would like to see other women who are passing by domestic violence where they are passing before they are sued”, dijo.

The family created the hashtag #Justiceforjessicacortezluna on Facebook in order for red users and authorities to unite in the suspicious search. This label has been published posting lots of love posts about the failure and pistes about his assassin, like this:

The authorities believe that if there were any pistes related to the fugitive he would communicate immediately with investigator Mitchell at 919- 560-4440, extension 29335 or CrimeStoppers at 919- 683-1200. A monetary compensation will be offered for the information that leads to its capture.

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