Hawaii sees 95 new coronavirus infections; Big Island officials report 1 new death

Hawaii health officials today reported 95 new coronavirus infections, bringing the total to 20,983 cases since the start of the pandemic.

The state Department of Health has not reported any new deaths, but Hawaii County officials said today that a coronavirus death on the Big Island was reported last week. They gave no details about the latest deaths, but sympathized with the person’s family and friends.

The state’s official death toll from coronavirus remains at 285, with the Department of Health counting 221 deaths on Oahu, 44 on the island of Hawaii, 17 on Maui, one on Kauai, and two Hawaii residents dying on the continent.

The Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency said the COVID-19 death toll on the Big Island rose to 51 with the deaths reported today

The death toll from the American coronavirus today was more than 333,000, as cases of coronavirus across the country were 18.8 million higher.

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Officials say the nationwide new cases of infection reported by the Department of Health today include 72 on Oahu, 18 on Maui, three on the Big Island, one on Kauai and one resident in Hawaii who was diagnosed outside the state. .

The statistics released today reflect the new cases of infection reported to the department on Friday.

Health officials counted 2,724 COVID-19 new test results in the current score, with a 3.5% positive percentage nationwide.

The total number of cases of coronavirus per island since the onset of the outbreak is 17,605 on Oahu, 1,862 in the province of Hawaii, 893 on Maui, 143 on Kauai, 106 on Lanai and 22 on Molokai. There are also 352 residents of Hawaii who have been diagnosed outside the state.

Hawaii health officials said that of the state’s total infection count, 1,701 cases are considered active. Health officials say they have considered a “proxy number for active cases” for the past 14 days due to infections. The number of active cases in the state rose by 14 today.

According to the latest version, Oahu has 1,344 active cases, Maui 203, the Big Island 146 and Kauai eight. Molokai and Lanai no longer have active COVID cases.

Of all the confirmed cases of Hawaii infection, 1445 required hospitalizations, and no new hospitalizations were reported today by state health officials.

Three hospitalizations in the census are residents of Hawaii who have been diagnosed and treated outside the state. Of the 1,442 hospitalizations in the state, 1,271 were on Oahu, 86 on the Big Island, 72 on Maui, seven on Kauai, five on Lanai and one on Molokai.

According to the latest information from the department’s COVID-19 data dashboard, a total of 64 patients with the virus were in Hawaii hospitals as of Thursday, with 11 in intensive care units and 10 in ventilators.

On October 22, Oahu moved to the less restrictive Level 2 of Mayor Kirk Caldwell’s four-level economic recovery plan. The mayor’s office says that to determine if Honolulu is going to a different level, the city takes a “weekly review” of two major COVID-19 numbers every Wednesday. To move to Level 3 from Level 2, the average of 7 days on two consecutive Wednesdays must be below 50. The average positivity rate of 7 days should also be below 2.5% on these two Wednesdays.

The seven-day average case for Oahu is 79 and according to Caldwell, the positivity rate is 3.2%.

Caldwell said Monday that new infections among inmates at the Halawa Correctional Facility will no longer be counted in his statistics for the recovery plan. A recent group in jail has increased Honolulu’s infection count and threatened to send Oahu back to Tier 1, the mayor’s most restrictive system.