Halsey apologizes for posting her eating disorder photo without a trigger warning

The singer took part in a trend on Monday where followers ask people to share a photo in response to a question.

Halsey was asked to post a photo of her at her ‘lowest point’ and share an image that has now been removed, which is meant to show her struggling with an eating disorder.

Later, she tweeted an apology.

“I am very sorry that I posted a photo of myself representing my struggle with ED without adequate warning,” the tweet read. “I was very nervous about posting it and did not think well. I had positive intentions. I would never want to harm anyone who shares my struggle.”

She added “with that said, I’m going to sign up now because it’s turned into something I’m not emotionally equipped to handle at the moment. I hope it’s good.”

Last year, Halsey opened up about mental health and living with bipolar disorder.