Halsey apologizes for causing a picture of an eating disorder

Halsey on Monday issued an apology to anyone caused by a photo she shared in which she depicts her struggle with an eating disorder.

It started when the singer “You Should Be Sad” took part in the Instagram trend “post a photo of”. A fan asked Halsey to share a photo of ‘you at your lowest point’, according to Just Jared. In the message that has now been removed, Halsey responded by sharing a topless mirror selfie in which she appears very thin.

“TW: ED, ask for help,” Halsey wrote. (“TW” stands for “trigger warning” while “ED” means “eating disorder.”)

Halsey at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards.
Halsey at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards. (Photo: Getty Images)

In a follow-up message, the 26-year-old said she was “very sorry that she posted a photo of myself with my fight with ED without adequate warning.”

‘I was very nervous about posting it and did not think right. I had positive intentions. I will never want to hurt anyone who shares my struggle, ”she tweeted before signing off for the night.

‘It’s turned into something I’m not emotionally equipped to handle at the moment. I hope it is good, “she added.

Halsey was open with fans about all aspects of her life, from body image issues to mental health struggles. She tackled both in her hit song “Nightmare”.

‘I think a lot of my newfound responsibility as a role model feels very determined to me to keep things realistic. My body is always changing, it’s part of being a woman. “I was also very open about my struggles with reproductive health, which causes me to change my weight,” Halsey told Radio.com last year.

“Sometimes I’m on stage at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and I’m small and I’ve worked very well,” she continued. ‘Then there are times when, you know, I was a little bigger than I used to be at the Met Gala red carpet, but I did not beat myself up for it. I was not going to diet or suffer from hunger. ”

Many of Halsey’s 13 million Twitter followers sent supportive messages following the photo incident.

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