Hacienda Implements A New Request To Receive The $ 600 Incentive Approved By Congress

Individuals will receive the $ 1200 incentive based on the 2018 plan, which will be supplemented with contributory responsibilities corresponding to 2019 – if not, he or she will be eligible to be eligible for the $ 600 grant approved by the Congressional United States, hosted by the Internal Rent Auxiliary Secretariat, Roxanna Santiago.

“All those who received the $ 1200 based on a 2018 plan and have not yet made their 2019 plan, we recommend that the 2019 plan be approved … and the 2019 plan is the new one to establish the page of $ 600 for all those contributors”, Supplied the function in a virtual orientation that celebrates hoy Hacienda.

Debit the adjustments in the operations that triggered the COVID-19 pandemic, the government extension until the 15th of January will limit the number of plans for the plan. “Based on this plan for 2019, it is new that it will establish the payment of $ 600 for all those contributors, as well as based on the information that the Department has told us it will be unveiled.“, Detail Santiago.

The agency estimates the lunes on the distribution plan that is within the scope of the Treasury Department’s approval. “The program, which we will establish in the distribution plan borrower, will make life easier for all those people who make it worthwhile and collect its $ 1,200 incentive,” said Hacienda secretary Francisco Parés.

It is estimated that 2.8 million residents of the island are benefiting from the incentive, it is in its individual character, it is dependent or dependent. “Once upon a time, Governor Pedro Pierluisi ruled that the 2nd of January should not have a vacancy in the implementation of this, since both teams had a great deal of work to do in this transition process,” the headline said.

Paris, along with its work team, received an update on the incentive distribution program for the agency’s virtual platforms in support of Washington’s Commissioner Jenniffer González. “This second scholarship is working independently in the first place, but for Hacienda it will be much easier to do so in connection with the approval of the Federal Treasury and the IRS,” said González.

However, the maintenance program practically does not change the conditions of eligibility, also eliminates the requirement established by the Cares Act which requires that, in the case of cases that are planned jointly, both have a valid Social Security number, what happened in the past that one of the conjugates did not qualify. “It’s the most dramatic change,” Santiago said, adding that it allows it to use the data base retrieved by the agency to distribute the previous incentive.

The dependents who can receive the incentive follow what they are 17 years old, according to the information corresponding to the contributing year 2019.

During the virtual discussion, one of the mayors preoccupations was with the people who had some kind of debt with the Administration for the Sustainable Menorah (Assume), as well as suicidal with the first estimate, not receiving the $ 600. “I recommend the Federal Governor’s instruction that these obligations must be met before decommissioning this payment to individuals,” said Angel Angel Pantoja Rodríguez, Deputy Secretary of the Department of Education.

With respect to the estimate of $ 1,200, most recently between the months of May and July, Paris indicated that due to December about 17,000 individuals, it was by mistake in the number of the bank account provided to the agency because the check was issued by the Postal Service.

“The people who are soliciting him to pay through mediation and have not yet received a message through SURI, the mechanism through which the Department is communicating with individuals”, said Paris.