‘GTA 6’ developers have learned 1 critical lesson from the biggest video game flop in 2020

Grand Theft Auto 6 can not forget single player. While Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2 Both featured single-player campaigns, and Rockstar focused more energy on building online modes for these games, rather than pursuing single-player stories through a sequel. At a time when many franchises are using a game-as-a-service model awkwardly, it will be refreshing if GTA 6 can only focus on a coherent single player experience, leaving the GAAS elements GTA Online.

New comments from Rockstar indicate that the developers are well aware of this issue and indicate GTA 6 will not neglect the single player experience.

GQ recently spoke with senior members of the Rockstar team about the Cayo Perico Heist released for GTA Online last week. While there are many GTA 6 viewers can speculate from this new heist, it is noteworthy that they are open to solo players, who will reap greater fruits because they do not have to split it.

Design Director Scott Butchard GQ that Rockstar plans to incorporate more single player elements GTA Online. More importantly, though, GQ asked if Rockstar would continue to tell stories to singles and Butchard said ‘absolutely’.

Technically, Rockstar has not publicly confirmed that it is developing GTA 6. We only know of its existence thanks to leaks and reports from websites such as Kotaku. However, this comment from Butchard indicates that Rockstar’s future projects will still have a focused single-player element, with titles such as GTA Online fills the void for a live game that can be played alone or with friends.

An April 2020 report from Kotaku who teased the new GTA game also alluded to this more focused scope. ‘One plan that management has drawn up for the next game, a new entry in the car theft “started with a moderate-sized version (which by Rockstar’s standard would still be a great game) which would then be expanded over time with regular updates, which could help alleviate tension and predicament,” he said.

GTA V managed to deliver an impressive single-player experience in 2013, and while Rockstar has yet to add much in terms of a new story to it, we need not worry that they deviate too far from that single-player formula. GTA 6.

Games like Marvel’s Avengers failed because of an overly ambitious scope, doing too many things to maximize profits rather than just delivering a solid single player game that is actually what the fans want. If Rockstar keeps single player in focus and goes even a little smaller GTA 6, then hopefully they will not lose sight of what makes the series great.

Players line up to play GTA V at the Tokyo Game Show in 2013.YOSHIKAZU TSUNO / AFP via Getty Images

GTA Online is clearly going stronger than ever as it has just got a new heist and will get a PS5 upgrade in 2021. Rockstar Games is obviously happy to turn it around GTA Online in his own thing, and will probably keep it after that GTA 6 inevitably arrives.

Since it would still be a big cash cow for Rockstar at that point, it would make more sense to just see the benefits of tying up. GTA Online in GTA 6‘s launch rather than bog GTA 6 down with unnecessary and new features for multiplayer or games as a service. These recent comments, as well as the comments of Kotakureport, suggests that Rockstar plans to make GTA 6 a smaller, more focused, single-player experience.

With GTA Online still actively support, this is what GTA fans should now like GTA V never saw any expansions for single players. Whether Project Americas or any other leaks are true or not, we can at least reasonably trust it GTA 6 will not stray too far from what we know and like about Rockstar games, and will hopefully still deliver a solid single player experience.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is apparently in development.