Great Britain imposes new remedies against virus variant

The United Kingdom has imposed stricter restrictions on the coronavirus for millions of people, following the petition by the authorities of Scotland and Ireland in the north to take longer to treat a new variant of virus that is thought to spread rapidly. .

Northern Ireland initiated a six-month siege, while in Wales re-imposed restrictions that have been applied to Christmas.

The number of people below the maximum level of restrictions in England — level 4 — increased six million on Saturday, to round out 24 million in total, up from 43% of the country’s population. The region includes London and the surrounding areas.

Authorities prohibited meetings between senior citizens and non-essential travelers. Gymnasiums, swimming pools, wineries and product outlets are not required to be closed, as long as bars and restaurants can only offer service to deliver. Bargaining groups are signaling that the restrictions will be economically devastating for their members.

The recommendation:

Another 570 deaths by COVID-19 in a period of 24 hours were reported on Saturday, raising the total in Gran Bretaña to 70,195, the second only in Europe — only Italy’s day. Great Britain also reported more than 32,700 new cases of the virus in Navidad.

The themes about the new British variant caused a week of chaos on the front lines. As many as 1,000 British soldiers marched on Navidad, trying to disperse a huge accumulation of lorries stranded in the English border as France closed its front with the United Kingdom and demanded negative results from coronavirus tests.

According to British Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, more than 15,000 drivers are on probation and have returned to probation at Manston Airport for rent on Monday. A total of 36 positive cases of these tests have been reported, posted on Twitter.

He has now detected the first cases of the new British variant of the virus in France and Spain.