Governor of the United States authorizes the payment of the federal tax return for Puerto Ricans

The Puerto Ricans confiscated the $ 1,200 estimated check this year and the new $ 600 federal government on the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pages are issued after the Department of Treasury of the United States has signed the plan submitted by the Department of Health of Puerto Rico.

Here is the information to El Nuevo Día Diego Alcalá, licensed by the State and Federal Bureau to issue these fees in the island, compliments a federal court in California. This Resolution of the Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS, by its English Seals) shall make available these payments to state and federal law enforcement agencies.

“It is complementary to the right that holds the liberties in Puerto Rico, as in the United States, which establishes them (which created the economic stimulus page),” Alcalá said.

The California Federal Tribunal has ruled that the detainees are entitled to pay the text of the Economic Estimates Law without the exclusion. Without embarrassment, in Puerto Rico the payment to the Treasury directly to the citizens, called the Hacienda workers, that it was to draw up an amended plan to eliminate the section that specifically excludes benefits to the confiscated from the island, but did not receive it match.

Alcalá dijo who enters the approval ayer, to talk on the phone and by e-mail with the attorney of the Federal Justice who represents the Treasury and the IRS in the federal request.

“Some people are dudas of the process that is now, but it is clear that it is possible to receive both pages”, Alcalá said.

Tesoro’s approval surpassed last week, but it has not been disclosed until today, during a Hacienda staff transmission through social media.

“Now Hacienda, with the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation, has facilitated the mechanisms to which the benefits can be solicited,” Alcalá said.

In the virtual transmission, it is late, the secretary of Hacienda, Roxana Santiago, indicates that in the state and federal districts in the states of the United States and there is pagoda the estimate, per fold taban the territories.

After submitting the plan in November, Santiago signaled that “this past week has been approved. Given the time when it was approved, it is the case of persons who are not obliged to radar (the petitions) have been closed. The refined ones, however, will have to use the mechanism of the 2020 contribution plan “”.

For its part, Alcalá says that those who pay can only help with the needs of those confined to their homes, their families. Significantly, the DCR solitary confinement of the persons who came to meet with the families who were admitted, which was detained during the COVID-19 pandemic.

También also has personal guests, who pay to communicate with their families and the acquisition of articles by the commissioner of the prisons.

“So, they have many relatives who have been affected by the pandemic. They do not want to have this dinner with them in the future, but they will be used for certain needs, as to help their families “, says Alcalá.

“Also, there are people who are dependent on debtors, as can be ASUME for retirement, so that this money alone can only help them, so that they benefit from a lesser age that they need. It’s a very rich man, ”Alcalá said.