Government of Cuba opens virtual auction for sale on MLC

| 28/12/2020 – 16:33 (GMT-4)

A new virtual marketplace for e-commerce in MLC has entered into operation in the locality of Caimito, in Artemisa, with the number of Mercocaribe.

The ENZONA platform describes it as “a new service for the population” that sums up the 5356 services that offer the measure.

The store presents a wide range of products that can be purchased in the combo variant, and its offer is significantly different from what it offers su criticized by TuEnvio, since the varied has the prices.

Refreshments Ciego Montero, vegetables, fries, yoghurt, carnes and helados he appeared in speeches with superior prices to the $ 100.00 USD, provoking the indignation of the Cubans who can not understand can be sure to become this type of services in this month when the Mayoria of her citizens does not have her at her disposal and is going to come.

A user identified on Twitter with the account @ YandyPDCuba was one of those who showed his indignation, comparing the work that passes the diary to consume “syrup for the mercy of his heifers”, while in it tends to appear the yogurt in the refreshment of manufacture national, which has time in the markets, pero in USD.

Another user demonstrated his stupefaction, claiming that “I do not know that in Caimito there are any products and his money”, alluding to the apparent disclaimer that it is located in its territory.

“Are they beautiful? there is also the telephone to denounce excessive and abusive prices, comedy and baby sensors in electrodomestics! ”, Reimbursed another user indignant at the cost increase of Mercocaribe’s offers.

Another user identified as Yansell Peral is ironic with that only folds put the bodegas in USD.

All this is consistent with what the Cuban Minister of Economy, Alejandro Gil, said when he said estas tiendas en MLC no iban a desabastecer en lo absoluto las las otras tiendas en CUC / CUP.

CUC tenders are basically committed to overcoming many basic necessity difficulties, such as obesity, chicken pox and detergents.

“The sales at MLC have had very positive results from the point of view of economic viability, there are moments in which we have much mercantile and there have been moments in which we have had a few disastrous events, but in general we have had a significant pandemic loss in all this period and so he manifested the sales. As part of this month it is possible to buy other products that are commercialized in CUC “, said Kenier Aguiar Ramos, director of the spiritual division of Tiendas Caribbean in a diary interview Escambray.

Notwithstanding these statements, in various tends in MLC as in their parishes in CUC and CUP are announced conditions of disaster relief reiterado a lo largo del país.

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