Earlier this year, Google gave Photos a new look with a new Memories tab at the top of the app. With the end of the year, the tab is now recording a “Year in Review” story that will show you photos in 2020, and even if you want, you can generate a photo book.

The story will go through all the images you uploaded to the cloud backup service this year. Like other Google Photo reminders, you can tap on the sides to jump around, or choose to view all photos from a single day.

There is also an option to generate a book from all the memories you see in the story – you can tap on “Preview book” at the bottom left and edit it as desired. Apart from the reminders you see in the story, Google will also add related photos that you think of.

If Google Photos did not notify you about your Year in Review, you may have to wait a bit – the feature has not yet hit all users.