Giants need Daniel Jones to push them over the ugly finish line

Daniel Jones had no chance against the Ravens, no chance against Lamar Jackson on a day when the Joe Judge Giants were more than pretended to be exposed as candidates, and yet somehow still stand.

The Cowboys defeating the Eagles 37-17 means that Jones, a 27-13 loser, somehow gets one last chance to make a 5-10 ugly duckling dressed in a beautiful swan in an NFC least crown if he can win his showdown against Andy Dalton and the Cowboys next Sunday at MetLife Stadium.

And then wait for a little more time from the Eagles, from all enemies, who must defeat the Washington Football Team.

The joy of six, anyone?

No 5-10 team deserves to live on the last Sunday of the season, but after the Giants’ disturbing lack of execution on both sides of the ball, the football gods decided to grant them an execution stay.

The Cowboys defense, unlike the Ravens defense, will have to be like dr. Jones recommends. Jones blew a chance to complete the 37-34 Week 5 defeat against the Cowboys, but could not, and a final goal from Greg Zuerlein dropped the Giants to 0-5.

He was not 100 percent healthy against the Ravens with that healing thigh muscle, but now no excuses.

The Giants need him to meet this moment more than they ever needed him to meet any moment.

Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones
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Jones did not have his legs, but more than that, he did not have the kind of protectors and playmakers to overcome the insane, exciting chaos and underachievement all around him, on both sides of the ball.

Judge has done a woman’s job to lay the foundation and build the culture, but you need more than foundation and culture to win an angry team and class program accustomed to continued success.

Jones is a fighter, and his teammates are fighters, all well and good, but more often than not, it’s better to be Sugar Ray Robinson than Jake LaMotta. The Giants are simply out of their weight class against the big boys of the NFL.

Because even if Judge the heavyweight opponent has to keep his team in the nose for 60 minutes, Jones & Co. can just as lightweights bounce back.

Jones first ran to one single desperate attempt to escape the rush at the last minute, and he could not hide behind an attacking line that yielded six bags, and let’s not forget that he threw to Austin Mack, CJ Board and Dante Pettis. No wonder Ravens defense coordinator Wink Martindale dared to beat the Gregg Williams’ zero blitz.

There was virtually no danger that Jones would sustain further injury to his hamstring in the first half, as he stood on the sidelines at 22:38 watching Jackson use his arm as Big Blue sold out around his legs and legs (80 meters). when he was lusting after missed tackles and a speedy attack at 249 yards against a rattling, disoriented defense.

It was early in the fourth quarter when one series embodied the sad state of the Big Blah offense. It unfolds as follows:

Bag. Bag. Bag.

Three setbacks, three bags.

“I just have to work better with all that now – to identify it and get the ball out quickly,” Jones said.

No offense, but the New York Football Giants have no offense. They have not been able to score 20 points in any of their last five games. Jones missed two games, yet his knockout for Sterling Shepard was the first since the second quarter against the Washington Football Team on November 8.

It was 20-3 when the case against GM Dave Gettleman stuck its ugly head out when Jones, to his credit, completed his pass to Board and Pettis, some travel service. Mack dropped a third pass in the first half.

It could not help that OC Jason Garrett – just another game next week for him, right? – coordinated on Zoom during the week because he was in the COVID protocol, and any semblance of a vertical game plan seems to be nothing more than a wing and a prayer. Jones’ 20-yard completion to Pettis was his longest of the day.

Back-to-back false starts with Jones’ first possession, sabotaging third place. The Giants knew their best chance, perhaps their only chance, was to force Jackson to play from behind.

“We didn’t start the game like we should,” Jones said. “We shot ourselves in the foot.”

It was 14-0 when Shepard briefly sighed as Jones expected to sink deep against Cover Zero and the ball fell harmlessly to the ground.

“I have to go deep into that one, so it’s my fault,” Shepard said.

Jones could not or would not give a percentage of how healthy he felt.

“I feel good. I felt I could move and get out of the bag and do what I had to do. I felt good about it,” he said.

For a man parrot the players every day the head coach.

“I feel we are on the right track and moving in the right direction,” the judge said.

He needs someone to chase the passerby. Jackson tried 26 passes. He was not fired. And he needs better protectors and playmakers for his quarterback.

“There are no moral victories and not achieving the desired result is disappointing,” the judge said. “There is by no means anyone okay with that, but there are positive things we can take from today, positives that we can take from where we have improved through the season as an offense and as a team. … During this season, this team has improved from week to week. ”

But not on the scoreboard. It’s great that Judge likes the toughness and dedication of his players. But it’s useless if your quarterback tries to get his team in the end zone. D-Day now for Daniel Jones.