Germany in Hungary is the first European country to apply for vacancies against Covid

Germany and Hungary will begin to apply the first vacancies against the coronavirus, a few hours after receiving their first dose, adantantandose a day to the plans of the European Union of a coordinated launch in the 27 nations of the bloc.

“Every day that we hope is a day of more”, says Tobias Krueger, the operator of a hogar of seniors who will start the munitions on Saturday in Halberstadt, in the north-eastern German region of Sajonia-Anhalt.

The first person in the hogar to be immunized with the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine was Edith Kwoizalla, 101 years old, informs the dpa news agency.

Krueger said that 40 of the 59 residents of the house wanted the vacancy together with 10 of the 40 workers. It is located between the munitions.

In Hungary, various workers who were evacuated at the Central Hospital of the Pest in Budapest, mean that the authorities of Slovakia also plan to start administering their first dose on Saturday night.

Vacation disputes against coronavirus spread to all parts of the European Union, the fires and the madrassa of Saturday after leaving a plant in Belgium before Christmas. The authorities say that the first injections are applied to the home to the most vulnerable people, as part of an effort coordinated throughout the EU.

The launch marks a moment of hope for a region that includes some of the zones where the virus surges with the strongest force in the world, as in Italy and Spain, and others, as the Czech Republic, which salvage the power of the principle and which has the boron otoneo the yellow waves in its medical attention systems.


In total, 27 EU member states have registered at least 16 million coronavirus cases in more than 336,000 deaths.

The distribution is the result of coordination by the 27 member states, which help the block to project also a sense of unity in a logistical compliance mission to save lives after the difficulties to negotiate and post every minute with Great Britain.

“Here are the good news of Christmas”, said the German Minister of Health, Jens Spahn, at a press conference. “At the moment, lorries are marching across Europe, Germany and its regions to finish the first caravan. Pasado mañana seguirán más entregas. This vaccine is the decisive key to end this pandemic ”.

“It’s the key to recovering our lives,” Spahn recalled.

The first injections, without embargo, are limited to a minimum of 10,000 doses in the majority of the countries, and it is hoped that the massive evacuation programs will start soon. Each country decides who will receive the first vacancies, but all are given to the most vulnerable in the first place.

The French authorities say that priority will be given to the Mayors, depending on the high impact between the former French embassies. The French medical security agency will monitor possible problems.

Spanish authorities inform Saturday that the first cargo of the vaccine against coronavirus was a Pfizer drug in the city of Guadalajara, in central Spain.

The governor said he was on a truck transporting the car from Belgium. It is the first part of that that the authorities will be sent weekly messages of a provisional amount of 350,000 doses.

The first vacancies will be administered by the homeowner in a house for the former Guadalajara residents.

Spain plans to receive a maximum of 4.5 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine in the next 12 weeks, enough to inoculate a little more than 2.2 million people. Represents the first phase of a national-level evacuation plan.