Galilea Montijo consents to its companions from ‘Hoy’ with a pre-festival of Fin de Año

After a few years of emotions and acquaintances that mark the history of the program Hay, as the sensitive failure of its producer, Magda Rodríguez, in November passed, los conductor is more united than ever. With the aim that the powder production will enjoy one of the free days in these parties, this week, some broadcasts will be broadcast only, this December 29th, in the middle of the vacations various drivers, decide to interrupt his break to show off. Approving that Andrea Legarreta, Galilea Montijo, Andy Escalona, Raúl Araiza and the producer Andrea Rodríguez eligieron Acapulco as destino to despede the year, powder reunirse to realize this find in the que honor the memory of the master.

Galilea Montijo en Acapulco comida de fin de año con sus companienos de HoyVER GALLERY


As I help you to learn the lessons of professionalism, it is late, part of the integrative of Hay which is located in Acapulco is full of reunion, this time, for dejarse permission by Galilee Montijo who opened the doors of his house to share the month with Andrea Escalona, ​​Andrea Rodríguez and Raúl Araiza, with women disfruta of a intimate pre-party of Año Nuevo. Maneuvering the presence of his work companions at the gate, Galilee decided to convert to the great anfitriona of this comedy which will be enjoyed, be appreciated in the latest Instagram stories of the conductor, al aire libre, contemplando the spectacular vista that possesses its property in that destination.

Andy Escalona and Raúl Araiza in the house of Galilee Montijo in AcapulcoVER GALLERY

Throughout this social network, Galilee has shared many clippings del banquet that offers to its guests. Follow God to know, trust in the work of Paula Carus (mother of the two mayors of her husband Fernando Reina) y su pareja, Felipe Peralta, to serve the buffet and collocate the spectacular month in which brindaron assistants to dispatch this 2020 and given the well-being in 2021. Thanks to the publications he also realized we know that, in this committee, the husband and brother of the bankrupt Magda Rodríguez and Raúl Araiza will participate. a little bit of the court cards that his companion offers in this conviction.

“Celebrating pre-New Year!”, choose to go to Galilee in one of the stories given by Andrea Rodríguez’s lady who appeared to say: “Thank you very much Acapulquito, Gali, ¡Feliz 2021!”. I agree with the photos and videos he has been sharing, this held a very casual meeting in which, in addition to the committee, the invited and disgruntled of the alberca, for more than a traditional end-of-year reunion is a pool party. The big winner at this meeting is Andrea Legarreta who, thanks to her publications, appears to be too you know a party, a situation that can be interfered with in the assistance of its partners.

Andrea Legarreta's High-Level Program Navigation CommitteeVER GALLERY

The first meeting of the conductors of ‘Hoy’

Antes de que las fiestas llegaran, Andrea Legarreta approves that all of her friends Hay found in Mexico City to convene a su ya Traditional Christmas Comedy, December 17th. When it comes to social media, the presenters of the matinee share the best photos of this reunion at the time when the difficult moment that passed in November passed, there are more than one: “And it is the family that is honored with respect, conviction and love, more than the song. Love it! ”, written on this occasion Andrea in the form of an image in the possession of his companions Galilee Montijo, El burro Van rankin, Paul Stanley, Martha Figueroa, Lambda García, Andy Escalona, ​​Andrea Rodríguez y Arturo Carmona. In this reunion, the great austenes fueron Raúl Araiza y Marisol González.