Galilea Montijo compares its ritual paragraph DINERO este 2021

Esa noche del December 31 the rituals to receive the new no pueden faltar en todas las casas y algunos de los ms comunes son comer las 12 uvas o ponerte ropa interior of algn color to attract money, love or salute.

The conductor of program Hoy, Galilea Montijo, shared with the television of the show his ritual to attract the diner, even though he did not fall for it.

The ritual of Gali

Agree with the conductor, the only thing needed to attract the diner is 2021 son of crude spring, a bolsita of color red a card and a lot of money for it decree se cumpla.

A time that connects the things to do the ritual in terms of the 12:00 at night debers tomar a puado de lentejas y lanzarlas hacia arriba mientras decretas dinero, mucho dinero, mucha fortuna, abundancia, segn Gali it is important that I do not help work pues le puede traer mucho pero mal pagado.

Once the decree has been passed and the spring jacket, between all of them family Recognize the pieces of the floor and put them on some part of your house while you are ready to celebrate and give it a go. ao nuevo.

On the other hand, with calm, the loincloths that must have guarded one bolsita o red carter, and deber traerlas durante todo el ao para que le le falte el dinero en este 2021.