From Kobe Bryant to Maradona: the figures we will see in 2020

As the coronavirus pandemic did not make it lethal enough for the sport in 2020, this year has left fans with the sadness of joining renowned athletes like the NBA star, Kobe Bryant, and the football legend, Diego Armando Maradona.

These were the most impactful deaths of these 12 months, which also included the boric deportation with the failure of personalities like the federal and Olympic champion Juan R. Torruella and the world champion Carlos “Sugar” de León.


The legendary player of the Lakers of Los Angeles fell the 26th of January in an accident while traveling in a helicopter accompanied by his hen of 13 years, Gianna, and other people. Tenía 41 years. There was a notice stating that the world was entering. The accident occurred while loading up a hill in Calabassas, California, in the middle of a dense fog that — according to a detailed report from the National Security Council in the Transport – had disoriented the pilot.

His inexperienced death caused a turret of reactions around the world and more debates as his family transcends this front. Hecho, the astro LeBron James retrieves the feeling of much to signal that Bryant’s death is not teni sentido. Bryant, along with Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett, will be performing at the Salon de la Fama del Baloncesto near Mayo next year. Bryant won five championships with the Lakers and was featured in the United States Dream Team to win the gold medals at the 2008 and 2012 Olympics. He was also the FIBA ​​Balance Leader.


The astro of football failed at a cardio paro on November 25 at his residence in the province of Buenos Aires in his 60s. The captain of the Argentine team – who won the 1986 World Cup – has been operating on a cranial edema since before his fall. At present, the General Prosecutor’s Office of San Isidro is investing in the medical treatment of the ex-football player due to negligence. An autopsy report that recently revealed that the drugs and alcohol had been found to be dead. The Argentine country is proud to be the football legend’s party, which also excels in the selection of its countries, including the Boca Juniors, Naples and Barcelona clubs, among others.

The failure of “El Pelusa” provokes scenes of his fanatics and swindlers as the hiccup of his compatriot, Lionel Messi, who drew a goal in Osasuna’s shirt from Barcelona’s shirt to show a shirt by Newell’s Old Boys, club favorite of Messi in the Maradona militia, with number 10 on the bench.

Other figures that fall into this year

David Stern: Execution of the NBA murió the 1st of January debited a cerebral palsy. Tenía 77 years.

Don Larsen: Unique to launch a perfect game in the history of the World Cup. Ocurrió en el quinto partido en el Clásico de Otoño de 1956. Falleció el 1 deero a los 90 años.

Tony Fernández: The Dominican participated in 17 times of the Grand Leagues. The campocorto went bankrupt on February 16th due to problems with the districts. Tenía 56 years.

Roger Mayweather: Floyd “Money”’s Mayweather Jr. muriated March 17 to 58 years. Fue dos veces world boxing champion.

Al Kaline: Playing in Detroit for 22 seasons, including when the Tigers won the World Cup in 1968. It crashed on April 6 with 85 years.

Don Shula: Pose the Victorian brand as a technician in the NFL. Llevó to the Dolphins of Miami had an invitation time in 1972. Murió the 4th of May to the 90 years.

Jerry Sloan: Emblematic Conductor of Utah Jazz. Fall May 22 for Parkinson’s and dementia complications. Estuvo 23 years before the Jazz.

West Unseld: Fue el Jugador Más Valioso de la NBA in 1969. Llevó a los Bullets de Washington al kampeonato de 1978. Faleció el 2 juni to a 74 74 years.

John Thompson: The first black leader to win the NCAA High School Balance Championship with Georgetown University in 1984. Released August 31 at 78 years old.

Cliff Robinson: Tuvo una destacada carrera como integrant de los Trail Blazers de Portland. Bankruptcy on August 29.

Tom Seaver: The legendary launcher of the New York Mets won 311 MLB games. Ayudó a los Mets ganar la Mundial de 1969. Murió el 31 de August a los 75 años.

Lou Brock: Accumulate the second mayor of a robust base in MLB history. Died September 6th at the age of 81.

Joe Laurinaitis (Road Warrior Animal): Form part of one of the most popular parishes in the professional free lucha. September 22nd caused natural causes in the 60s.

Bob Gibson: It was one of the most intense launches of its era with the Cardinals of San Luis. Battles with cancer in the pancreas, failed on October 2 to 84 years. The poor receptor Yadier Molina and the rest of the baseball family lost their party.

Whitey Ford: The New York Yankees’ Legendary Launcher Ten 91 Years Old When It Disappears October 9th. Permanece as the pitcher with more victories of Serie Mundial.

Joe Morgan: One of the best intermediaries in the history of MLB murió the 11th of October of neuropathy. Tenía 77 years.

Juan R. Torruella: The Olympic winner failed on October 26 following an accident. Representative in Puerto Rico in the Olympic Games: Tokyo 1964, Mexico 1968, Munich 1972 in Montreal 1976. Asimismo, won the medal medal in the Central American Games and the Caribbean in San Juan in 1966 and, in his time, in Santo Domingo 1974.

Luz C. “Lucy” Batista Vega: The Administrator of the Puerto Rico Baseball Academy & High School (PRBAHS) in Gurabo passed away on November 11th.

Juan Félix “Cukin” Núñez: The Exapoderado of the Bravos de Cidra in the Béisbol Doble Failed on November 28th.

Rogelio Moret: One of the best hurricane-ridden launchers of all time, released on December 8th. Launched in the Grand Leagues during the season and ended with a 47-27 live mark. Launched with the Boston Sox in the 1975 World Cup.

José “Tito” Rodríguez Casanova: The national volleyball exodus failed on December 13th to have a relationship with a linfoma. Tenía 66 years.

Phil Niekro: The member of the Salon of the Family of Béisbol who launched the ball of noodles failed on December 27th lies a large pelvis against the cancer. Tenía 81 years.