Forsen Onbanned on Twitch After One Month Suspension »TalkEsport

Sebastian ‘Forsen’ Fors will return to Twitch after being banned in November due to an inappropriate GIF.

Why was Forsen banned?

Forsen’s ban sparked some controversy, as he was unaware of the content while broadcasting it on the internet, making a total unintentional violation of community guidelines. Due to the unintentional mistake, he was given a harsh ban, but it was lifted immediately after Christmas. There have been many instances where streamers have inadvertently shown inappropriate content, but Twitch has made them succeed.

The community’s outrage against the Forsen ban went in vain because he had to serve the month-long ban, regardless of just lifting the ban on Boxing Day. Twitch switched from Among Us and Fall Guys during this period with Cyberpunk gaining more traction, which will likely be what he plays with his return.

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Now that he has 1.4 million followers back, his return will surely be nothing short of amazing. Incidents with Forsen and Tayhuhu, are examples of Twitch introspecting the ban they handed out.