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A prostitute who works in a clandestine manner in the Molina de Frank cooperative, in the Guasmo sector, on Guayaquil, closed this Wednesday, December 30th. Según la intentionenta de Policía, Alba Reinoso, the local area.

This site has been closed on previous occasions without complying with the delay to obtain the sanction. “He rotated the cell and he wanted to operate in a clandestine manner”, signaled Reinoso during the operation.

The Government of Guayas in coordination with the staff of the Intendence and of the Union Against the Treaty of Persons of the National Police executes the operation in this establishment, located on the Avenue Abdón Calderón, one of the main visas of the Guasmo sur.

Authorities found that around 10 women were waiting for customers, who were also consuming alcoholic beverages while taking hygienic medicines.

“These activities are developed in the midst of a totally unbridled atmosphere, as well as the suicidal ideation of health and well-being in various areas,” the government said in a statement.

A collaborator of the site was detained for allegedly trying to prevent the action of the authorities. Now, the owner of the room is looking for explanations about the violation of the cells of the lock.

During the state of emergency, the Emergency Operations Committee (COE) National prohibits the operation of bars, discos and tolerance centers. (I)