Fiscal prosecutes Sadoky Duarte’s deputy for protecting a man investigated for drug trafficking

The fiscal Francis Valerio declared this March that the deputy of the province Sánchez Ramírez, Sadoky Duarte, protected a “Delinquent reconciled” delivered as “Facobra” at the moment of attack in an operation of the National Police and physically aggravate Disleyidy Heredia Figueroa.

De fiscal agreement, “Facobra” has an arrest warrant issued by the United Violence Unit, and is being investigated by the Public Ministry by the sale and trafficking of drugs and controlled substances.

Valerio tells the situation in which the deputy showed an “aggressive act” and insisted that the authorities release three people which is located detainees in a van to “provoke situations”.

The incident occurred around 6:45 a.m. on Thursday in the municipality of Cotuí, Sánchez Ramírez province, where police officers commanded by Coronel De la Cruz carried out a negotiation supervision operation to confirm their compliance with the provisions of the decree 628-2020.

The fiscal signal that when estaban approaches the case of the deputy Duarte observes that she has five persons with a “suspicious” profile, quienes take the skin as soon as the authorities mandaron to detain a Chevrolet branded car in which one of the individuals had a stolen object.

“We need to register the vehicle. One of the persons launched an unobstructed object inside the vehicle, the paint and corrugated iron. If scraping is carried out by the barrier of a house, the following neighbors will not be ordered to register the house”, Express.

The tax law indicates that the legislator is currently in the process of encroaching on the car and finds that it has three detainees, by whom the statement to the police that “bajaran a esas persona (de la van” van “.

Front on this petition by Duarte, fiscal le respondió “deputado ahora no podemos bajársela vaya a la polisi ahorita y allá lo hablamos”.

“(…) says to me insultingly, my fue encima and the coronel De la Cruz intervenes logró avoid the aggression that I have to infer”, Valerio explains.

The magistrate explained that one minute had passed that the aggression against the police agent, a discontinued emphysema to shoot powders and bottles from the patio of the house, so that no powder could open the vehicle and he would have to retire.

Without embarrassment, the aggression did not culminate in the Calamari’s Padre Fantino sector, following the Valerio fiscal one hour after Duarte’s deputy was presented to the National Police and arranged and insulted by not “integrating the many” who were found detained.

“I mean, I’ve got to see him, I’ve got to get some information so I can cancel and I’ll transmit here, he’s been elected by the people and I’m taxed,” Valerio said.

Situation of the deputy

He was questioned about what legal actions were taken against the legislator, Valerio underlined that in the capacity of deputy Duarte has the privilege of jurisdiction, no obstacle, the MP interrupted a denunciation which will be treated for the corresponding fines.

Assimismo la raso de la Policía Nacional que result result de un golpe en el rostro, Disleidy Heredia Figueroa, deposited the past moon a formal quarrel against the deputy Duarte.

For another lad José Ignacio Paliza, Minister Administrativo de la Presidencia, expresses that followed by the expulsion of the Duarte of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM).

“Sometered by the expulsion of Sadoki Duarte, deputy to the National Congress, who agreed to join a young CN of the PN while fulfilling his duties at night. This company needs examples ”, Paliza posted on his Twitter account.