Fireball in China | Captured on camera: Mammoth ‘fireball’ flashes through horizon in Qinghai province in China

'Fireball' as object seen in Chinese air.

‘Fireball’ as object seen in Chinese air. | Photo credit: Twitter

Two provinces in Qinghai Province in southern China have seen something extraordinary and briefly frightening. There is a ‘fireball’ seen in the air flickering, which seems to be descending into the ground. However, it dissolves later in the horizon.

Locals living in Nangqian and Yusu provinces reported the incident on December 23 at around 07:00. They also heard a loud noise as the object passed through.

Social media was flooded with videos recorded by the people in the town. A Turkish journalist named Mete Sohtaoglu also shared the video on his Twitter page.

A man named Ziyao Wang posted videos on his Facebook page. Each of them shows how the object flies through the air from different angles. One of these is CCTV footage of a parking lot on which a shadow has passed, thanks to the alleged ‘fiery’ object that crashed into the air.

According to the Daily Mail, the local Chinese media reported that the object is believed to be a bright meteor that went through the air. Fortunately, as it did not hit the town and surrounding area, no casualties were reported. The China Earthquake Networks later confirmed that it is a ‘Bolide’ which is a very bright meteor. However, more details regarding what took place are awaited.

The beautiful but intriguing footage showing what took place was shared all over the internet. While everyone waits for the exact details.