Find out the second case for the covid-19 variant in Colorado

(CNN) – Health workers in Elbert, Colorado, are now being monitored at least in cases of the covid-19 variant, which is a health worker this season.

The case has a confirmed case and now has a second case that could be, says CNN Dwayne Smith, director of public health of Elbert’s case.

Both individuals live and work at the Buen Samaritano Living Assistance Installation facility in Simla, approximately 72 miles northwest of Colorado Springs.

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None of the cases are residents of Elbert’s county and are currently located in a shed of the county, said Smith. “There are no indications at this time” that this event is more than the installations and inside the community in general.

The State Department of Health has communicated with the CDC in both cases. Smith says he does not have a chronogram on which he can confirm the case.

CNN has communicated with the Buen Samaritano Society in a comment box.

Smith could not comment on the travel history of the men.

These people are working on the installation in clinics. Estaban was working on the installation of the staff at the construction site and had a previous bridge of covid-19 in the installation, for which there is no regular staff, ”says Smith.

Smith continues to say that “the State Department of Health has deployed a rapid response team in the Simla Assistance Installation to evaluate residents and staff.”

“We have been notified of these cases by the State Department of Health on Tuesday”.

The Good Samaritan Society’s live assistance installation in Simla experimented with a covid-19 bridge in the last weeks and weeks, according to Smith, on the deaths of people killed by coronavirus. The Alberga facility has approximately 25 residents.

A man of 93 years and a woman of 88 years are the two confirmed deaths. Smith said he was also investigating a third death.

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