Fernando Tatis Jr. announces his debut in the LIDOM in the style of Bad Bunny

The Dominican Fernando Tatis Jr.. dejo saber que jugaría otra vez en la Dominican League and lo hizo with a song of Bad bunny via Twitter.

As you can see, Tatis Jr.. has its debut with the Oriental Stars in the Dominican League next Sunday 27 December 2020.

Fernando Tatis Jr.. published a Tweet with the song in lyrics of “Estamos Bien” which was interpreted by the most watched artist of 2020, Bad bunny.

Here is the tweet:

The first time that Tatis Jr.. jugo en la Dominican League ending all the carnage of his fanatics, as well as consecrating the first crown in 49 years for the Oriental Stars.

Although not the MVP of the Final Series, part of this dynamic duo with José Siri, both are the terror of the bathhouse and in the almohadillas.