Fauci says that the variant of the United Kingdom “does not appear” lays more

(CNN) – El Dr. Anthony Fauci says that if there are any news about new variants of coronavirus can appear preoccupied, the mutant virus “all the time”; in addition, the new variant of the United Kingdom does not seem to allow more people.

“Obviously, it’s something that we always take seriously and are preoccupied every time we produce a mutation, but we believe that the public will have to record and tell us that they are ARN virus and that they are constantly growing all the time. “Tiene un significado funcional”, confirms Fauci and CNN’s “State of the Union” program.

Fauci dijo que funcionarios del Reino Unido y Estados Unidos estudian si la cepa enferma mas a la gente: «Y la respuesta es que no parece ser asi», indicó.

Fauci continued: “The other problem, escaping the protection induced by the vacancies we are currently using? And according to our British colleagues, this does not seem to be the case ».

New variant of coronavirus tends to a mayor transmission 28:33

In addition, stadium officials will submit their study proposals to see if the vacancies work in the mutant variant.

“Having said that, many of them are very serious, they are very careful and make the necessary adjustments based on the evolutionary data,” commented Fauci.