Fan celebrates PlayStation Anniversary by creating PS2-inspired PS5

Someone designed the PlayStation 5 to look like the iconic PS2 console before the company’s 30th anniversary in 2025.

A Reddit user has created a design for the PS5 by fans, based on the 30th anniversary of the PlayStation in the future. The design is reminiscent of the PS2, with many important features that make the console recognizable.

The most striking design choice is to have the entire console in a black layer, to evoke the feeling of nostalgia. The system is currently only white, with its two removable faceplates.

One of the more unique features in the inclusion of the PlayStation logo, originally found on the disc driver for the PS2. In the custom design, it’s at the bottom of the console and on the side of the faceplate. It also replaces the PlayStation logo on the DualSense controller.

Finally, a special PlayStation 30th birthday sticker, with a sham party number to represent its limited edition, is also based on one of the front plates.

Check out the full design below:

PS2 theme “Playstation 30th anniversary” edition PS5 from playstation

Many opposed the white design in the hope that there are different colors available. While it is easy to remove the PS5 faceplates, Sony has yet to confirm if there will be any other iterations in the future.

An independent company, known as the CustomizeMyPlates Origin, wanted to create its own versions of the faceplates as external PlayStation devices. Sony reportedly threatened legal action against the company and forced them to stop production. As a result, it has led to a refund for all customers who pre-ordered a PS5 faceplate.

KFC also recently entered the gaming spectrum to create their own unique console. The KFConsole is a hybrid of a powerful gaming computer and an internal warmer for chicken and other foods.