Fallecen other 13 persons by COVID-19 in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico treats this home with 13 new deaths by COVID-19 which raised to 1,445 the total number of fatalities since the start of the pandemic, while reporting 736 new positive cases confirmed, the Department of Health.

Agreed with the agency, news of the accidental incidents between 11 and 23 December will be described as confirmed, while its probable.

New deaths confirmed:

  • Male 52 years of the Arecibo region
  • Male 69 years old from the Caguas region
  • Male 86 years of Bayamón region
  • Female from 69 years of the Caguas region
  • Male 42 years of the Metro region
  • Male 85 years of the Metro region
  • Female 52 years old from the Metro region
  • Male 56 years of the Fajardo region
  • Male 59 years of the Metro region

Mortality new probability:

  • Male 51 years of age Fajardo
  • Mujer of 60 years of the Bayamón region
  • Male 82 years of Fajardo region
  • Mujer de 77 años de la region de Arecibo

“The change in the number of failures must not be interpreted as being haunted in the last 24 hours. In the same way, it is important to note that the report of these decisions may vary, in the medium in which the registration and coding processes of the causes of death, which may take place in various cases, ”the agency quoted a press release as saying. .

Apart from the 736 new confirmed cases, Salud also registered 75 other probable cases and 840 suspicious cases. Thus, the total number of confirmed cases ascends to 69 265, while the probabilities increase from 3 962. The universe of suspected cases amounts to 54,571.

Entrant, The number of patients hospitalized for the virus was measured at 445, of which 88 were admitted to an Intensive Care Unit and 85 were connected to an artificial respirator.. Today, the country’s hospital has 248 intensive care units and 838 adult respirators.

Agreed with the dependency, the positive case term confirmed has reference to the contiguous results obtained by validating a PCR (molecular) test. The case is likely to be a positive result of the disease if it is through antigen testing. While, the suspicious cases, also known as anticonvulsant results, are those that are positively charged with the serological test, and do not have a molecular test or positive antigens.

In addition, the agency explained a death confirmed by COVID-19 corresponding to the death of a person with one of the most positive molecular tests. The probable death is that of a patient who was diagnosed with COVID-19 median an antigen test or that his clinical team meets the criteria to create a COVID-19 pad, but only a molecular test of the antigen -virus. Meanwhile, the suspicious death refers to the failure of a person in which a specific antecedent is detected in the blood, plasma or means a serological test with its blood.