Fallece in Miami comedian and imitator Eddy Calderón

Calderon’s decision was confirmed by his friend Arturo Del Monte, who recorded all the artistic gifts that Calderon had, that he had a parody of dictator Fidel Castro, and imitated great artists from the tales of Nelson Ned, Raphael, El Puma, between others.

Bautizado as Eduardo Ángel Calderón González, Eddy Calderón, born in La Habana, December 7, 1955. Was a comedian, imitator, singer, presenter, guionista, poet, and composer of more than 100 songs.

Like all Cuban exiles because of the dictatorship and hatred of a political expression, Eddy Calderon, read in Miami on February 15, 1979, in his work in factories and in construction, but his ever-increasing talent. In the 1980s he was transferred to New York, and his wife Elizabeth, who was a dental assistant and worked with doctor Nelda Pérez, who, together with his wife Antonio, had the great artistic faculties of Eddy and recommended him to Vilma Plana , a great Cuban composer who has a very much seen TV show.

Plana invited Eddy to his program and from the beginning of his career as an artist in 1982. His popularity grew to imitate political figures and great performers of the song.

Fue actor, comedian and conductor of the radio programs and television como: “A noventa millas”, which broadcasts the TV of Latin Miami; “La barca de Calderón” in America TeVe; his special participation in the Michimbín of Miami, inside “La Mesa Retonta”, making the perfection of his paper by Fidel Castro; was the conductor of the radio program “La timba de la mañana”, and “Saweseando”, which was broadcast by Radio La Poderosa before the death.

Fue la voz en español en la importante película francesa “In the skin of Fidel Castro” by Karl Zéro and Daisy d’Errata graduated in 2009, with the writing and assessment of the writer and poet Zoe Valdés exiled in Paris from 1995.

Eddy Calderón received many awards for his artistic work.

The artistic producer Arturo Del Monte recalls it as an allegorical man, desperate, who plays with humor, a composer who records many songs, “was a writer, he wrote his books”. A man of many artistic gifts.

Del Monte admires the capacity of his friend Eddy to learn and succeed. A man who escaped to exile.