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Over the nearly hour-long interview, Trump attacked the Democrats, the enrollment system, and the cities of Detroit, Philadelphia, and Milwaukee for alleged fraud and corruption. Even Trump’s former allies were not spared, as he criticized the Republican government, Brian Kemp, of Georgia for failing to do more to advance his unfounded claims of fraud. After that, he continued to spread doubts about the election results on Twitter.

Here are the facts behind Trump’s lying weekend.

Trump insisted he won the election because his opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, could not possibly receive the number of votes currently attributed to him.

“We won the election easily,” Trump said. “There’s no way Joe Biden got 80 million votes.”

Facts first: Trump did not win the election, according to predictions from CNN and other major news networks, including Fox News.

Most news organizations declared Biden victorious more than three weeks ago, but Trump refused to concede and blamed the loss on guilty theories of fraud in the 2020 election.

Polled election

“This election is knee-jerk,” Trump said at least three times in the interview, adding on two occasions that it was also a total fraud. ‘

Facts first: Trump’s efforts to discredit the election results are not new. However, federal officials said there were no widespread frauds or irregularities during the election.

In a statement issued the week after the election, a joint group of federal, state, local and private election officials, including some federal employees working in the Trump administration, called the 2020 election the safest in U.S. history .

Despite repeated denials of any transgression by federal and state officials, Trump made it clear in the interview that he is unlikely to change his tune any time soon. “My mind will not change in six months,” he told Bartiromo. “There was a lot of cheating.”

Control of Congress

Trump claims that Republicans “did not lose a single seat” in Congress and ultimately “we won Congress, we won the Senate.”

Facts first: It is wrong for Trump to say that the Republicans won Congress and did not lose a single seat. Although Republicans took 11 seats in the House, they lost three and are still in the minority at CNN project the Democrats will retain control of the House of Representatives. Control of the Senate has yet to be decided.

So far, Republicans have won one seat in the Senate and lost two, setting them at 50 seats for the Democrats’ 48. control. .

Foreign leaders

In the interview, Trump claimed that foreign leaders called him to declare that the US presidential race was the ‘most messy election I have ever seen’.

Facts first: The White House has read out zero foreign leadership calls since the end of October. Furthermore, almost every major American ally congratulated Biden on his victory.

Voice change

According to Trump, the widely used voting machines of the election technology company Dominion Voting Systems had errors where they moved thousands of votes from my account to Biden’s account.

Facts first: There is absolutely no evidence that this happened.

Although some isolated issues with Dominion technology were reported on election day and election night, there have been no credible reports that problems with the company’s machines have affected the number of votes.
Members of the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency, which oversees U.S. election security, said: ‘There is no evidence that any voting system has been deleted or lost, changed or threatened in any way. is not.’
Furthermore, experts said that Trump’s claim is not supported by the facts. In particular, most states use paper ballots that can be reviewed and counted to check and validate the total votes.
This theory was previously proposed by Sidney Powell during the Trump campaign’s press conference in Pennsylvania. The campaign has since severed ties with the lawyer.


Trump cited Wisconsin as an example of corruption, saying, “I really won the state.”

Facts first: This is false.

Of course, keeping a lead before all the votes are counted is not the same as winning – and Trump lost to Wisconsin, according to CNN projections. This result remains unchanged after a narrative requested by the Trump campaign in one of the state’s largest provinces still showed that Biden had won. Biden’s victory across the country is expected to be confirmed when the Wisconsin Electoral Commission this week certifies the state’s election results.


Trump also questioned the security of the Dominion systems by implying that the way the votes were counted was suspicious.

“Nobody even knows where the votes are counted,” Trump said. “You know that the votes and the rule, according to them, are counted abroad.”

Facts first: The company denied these allegations.

In a Nov. 26 statement responding to allegations initially made by Powell, Dominion explained that “Votes are not processed outside the United States. Votes are counted and reported by provincial and state election officials – not by Dominion, or any other election technology company. “

At ’60 minutes’ on Sunday night, Christopher Krebs, the country’s former leading cybersecurity officer who fired Trump shortly after election day, also backed down on allegations of a corrupt election, saying: ‘

Mueller investigation

Trump’s attacks were not limited to the election. Asked by Bartiromo if he would hire a special lawyer to investigate the allegations of fraud, Trump took the opportunity to repeat lies about the investigation led by former special counsel Robert Mueller, who he said spent $ 48 million and yet found nothing.

“They went through everything for 48 million,” Trump said, “and they found no conspiracy or anything.”

Facts first: This is untrue on two points.

According to figures released by the Department of Justice, the Mueller investigation actually cost $ 32 million and did not release the president at all.
Mueller’s report states that the investigation does not establish that the Trump campaign “coordinated or conspired” with Russia’s election interference. However, the report did state on several occasions that there was strong evidence that Trump was obstructing justice. The report also stated that if Mueller’s office had “had confidence that the president had clearly not committed a crime, we would have said so.”
Mueller ultimately decided not to make a decision for Trump for many reasons, including the Justice Department’s policy that a president “cannot be charged with a federal crime while in office. It is unconstitutional. . “


In a tweet On Saturday, the president propagated a looming theory that Pennsylvania received more mail votes than was sent out, claiming that “1,126,940 votes were created out of thin air.”

Facts first: Officials denied this claim.

A spokesman for the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office told CNN: “This is another unfounded allegation of fraud. ‘

“There is no evidence,” the spokesman said. ‘That did not happen.

CNN’s Casey Tolan contributed to this article.