Fact check: Did an Indian court say that urinating on Aurangzeb’s grave is not a crime?

A snapshot, apparently of a report by ‘The Indian Express’, is circulating on social media, where according to the headline a man was caught urinating on the tomb of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb but a court in Maharashtra ‘s Aurangabad ruled that it was not a crime. .

India Today Anti Fake News War Room (AFWA) has found that the screenshot has been changed. The Indian Express did not publish such a report. No such court order from Aurangabad has been reported either.

The archived versions of the posts can be seen here and here.

AFWA investigation

A court that says it’s not a crime to urinate on Aurangzeb’s grave would have certainly made headlines. However, we could not find such a report by “The Indian Express” or any other media house.

AFWA subsequently inquired at India Today’s Aurangabad office, which confirmed that no such incident had recently been reported from the district where the tomb of the Mughal emperor was located.

The viral screenshot looked more closely at to identify the deviations from the style sheet “The Indian Express”. Contrary to credible media reports, no date of publication is mentioned in the screenshot.

We further contacted Nandagopal Rajan, editor (New Media) of The Indian Express, who confirmed that the screenshot was fake and that they had not published such a report. “It’s a bad photoshop job that looks very clearly fake,” he said.

Another journalist from ‘The Indian Express’ said that the date line seen in the screenshot is not the style they follow, and that such stories, even if published, would never fall under the ‘Elections’ category. would fall as seen on the screenshot.

After that, we did a reverse search for the image of Aurangzeb’s tomb seen on the screenshot, and found that the same image was used by several sites, including ‘The Telegraph’, which attributed it to ‘Wikimedia Commons’.

It is therefore clear that the viral screenshot is false. The incident is also not true and ‘The Indian Express’ did not publish such an article.

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ClaimAccording to The Indian Express, a man was caught urinating on the tomb of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, but the court ruled that it was not a crime.ClosureThe screenshot is photoshopped. The incident is also not true and ‘The Indian Express’ did not publish such an article.


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