Ex Chivas y ex Cruz Azul Carlos ‘Gullit’ Peña, en pláticas para jugar en Nicaragua

In agreement with information revealed by ESPN, the Mexican midfielder ex player from Chivas and also from Cruz Azul Carlos ‘Gullit’ Peña, star in plastic to play in Nicaraguan football the next year.

According to the information, the ‘Gullit’ will play with the Regte Estelí of Central American countries and the football player has no bad goals this option, due to his failure failed by the Veracruzano Football Club Tiburón in the Mexican Football League, debits the serious economic problems of this team.

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As a matter of fact, at the moment no economic agreement has been reached in negotiations on the subject of a major impediment to the ‘Gullit’ Peña game in Central America starting in 2021.

In addition, Helmut Hurtado, president of Real Estelí, confirmed the negotiations with the Mexican judge, pointing out that there are many details to be had in order to be more serious.

“We have been dealing with his representative, the intention is to have a judge refer to Real Estelí’s international competence. There is interest in both parties, but it is difficult to define the details”, to be precise what type of details.

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