Epic Games Store Free Game for December 27 Now Available, Next Game Leaked

Another day in December 2020 has arrived and with it, the Epic Games Store’s 15 Days of Free Games has another title that users can play.

The Epic Games Store15 days of free games continue until December 27 with another free game unlock from 08:00 PT. The latest game that can be unlocked for Epic Games Store users is the narrative adventure game Night in the woods, which is about as close to a contemporary Pennsylvania fable as a video game would ever get. Night in the woods will only be available 24 hours, until the next game unlocks. And for those who are curious, it seems that the name of the free game of December 28 has already been leaked.

Night in the woods This is definitely a game that EGS users should not buy, even if a narrative game is not their favorite genre. The game takes place in Possum Springs where the protagonist Mae returned to their hometown after deciding not to study further. As they rejoin the small town, a larger mystery unfolds with severed arms and a cult hiding. How much of what’s going on is real and how much is in Mae’s head, they can explore.

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All it takes to get it for free Night in the woods offer is to have an Epic Games Store account. Users simply log in and then go to the main page of the store. The holiday sale currently occupies the top of the page, but scrolling down a section for free games with Night in the woods now available. Treat it like a normal purchase, as the price will adjust to $ 0.00 when you check out. Availability will end on December 28 at 08:00 PT.

Happy when Night in the woods is no longer available, this means that another free game will take its place. The Epic Games Store 15 Days of Free Games is just over two-thirds off the road. This means that after Night in the woods, there will be four more free games left.

For those who are curious what the next matches are going to be, a leak from early on during the 15 days of free games so far has proved accurate. If it remains reliable, the match will be tomorrow Deep stranded. Deep stranded is a first-person survival game that gives the player the task of surviving on a deserted island after their jet crashes in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

After Deep stranded released, three more games will be shared day by day until the event ends with the new year. The remaining three matches will be Solitairica on the 29, Torch 2 on the 30, and Jurassic World Evolution On the 31st Hopefully there will be a game for everyone who stays Epic Games Store‘s last 15 days of free games offers.

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