Envious? Poncho Herrera sends message to Anahí, Maite Perroni, Christian and Christopher

This weekend the desperate concierge of the aggregation was realized RBD, some of their allies united their voices a little more than 12 years apart, separated here Poncho Herrera do not hesitate to send a message to your buddies.

Some months ago we were preparing for one of the most hopeful virtual concerts of the year, but on this occasion the Poncho Herrera y Dulce María, the reincarnation has been classified as an exit.

External persons are supported by the social workers’ groups, and one of them messages sent by the exintegrant Poncho Herrera: ?? Boleto en mano y palomitas listas! Excited today and always ??.

With that day, rumors of a rivalry between their ex-integrants, showing that the distance to each other is one of them.

Exciting concert

Throughout the social media fans all over the world do not hesitate to share their videos in support of the group, you can record one of the songs that mark a generation and continue in the taste of the public.

Aunque Dulce María y Poncho Herrera estuvieron ausentes, sus companaria decidieron dedicarles la canción ?? No couples ?? and from the bottom of the podium are the photographs taken by Appearance.